2011 Seed 9 Rally - Live Text
23:48   CRS-2 Year End Results  
With today's second place finish, Chuck Wilson locks up second place in the year end class championship, with Javier Olivares moving up into third. Meanwhile, Brent Ellzey clinches the top co-driver spot. Congratulations to all the competitors in this hotly contested class!   Erik C.
23:23   CRS-2 was a close battle to the very finish  
At the end of last stage, Chavez had just a one second lead on Olivares, who really picked up the pace at the end. However, Chavez picked up 20 seconds of road points on the final transit, bumping them to third, with Wilson in second.   Erik C.
22:59   Crouch wins CRS-GT  
Scott Crouch is tthe provisional CRS-GT winner, and iis 3rd overall.   Erik C.
22:55   Holmes wins!  
Bill Holmes is our provisional winner. He wins the last stage by 6 seconds, and beat Morris by 19 seconds overall.   Erik C.
22:49   One stage left  
Cars are getting ready to start the last stage. Holmes has a 13 second lead over Morris. Expect both to be pushing to the very end. Crouch is comfortably in third, and Chavez is in fourth overall.   Erik C.
22:31   One stage left  
Cars are getting ready to start the last stage. Holmes has a 13 second lead over Morris. Expect both to be pushing to the very end. Crouch is comfortably in third, and Chavez is in fourth overall.   Erik C.
22:27   Helton out on stage 5  
Alex Helton is out with a broken tie rod on stage 5.   Erik C.
22:14   McGuire withdraws after getting unstuck  
McGuire managed to get moving again, but withdrew after clearing the stage dragging his skidplate.   Erik C.
21:58   Dillon has brake fade on stage 5  
But it is not slowing him down. He beat his previous time by 17 seconds.   Erik C.
21:51   Pritchard missing driving lights  
Says they're just running for fun at this point.   Erik C.
21:49   Olivares moving up  
Beat Wilson by 1 second to move into 2nd in CRS-2 by 1 second. Chavez has a shaky 14 second lead after losing 21 seconds to Olivares and Wilson.   Erik C.
21:44   Helton also reported stopped on stage  
Tough stage for CRS-2 competitors. This will shake up the class standings.   Erik C.
21:32   Helton also reported stopped on stage  
Tough stage for CRS-2 competitors. This will shake up the class standings.   Erik C.
21:30   Morris happy with extra dust minute  
He only lost 4 seconds to Holmes on stage 5.   Erik C.
21:26   McGuire possibly stuck on a berm again on stage 5  
  Erik C.
21:18   3 Minute Intervals  
With drivers complaining about the dust in the still night air, the rally officials have decided to switch to 3 minute intervals for the last two stages.   Erik C.
21:16   John Dillon enjoying driving  
He reports his co-driver Mindy Gilbert is spot on with the notes, and it is giving him a lot of confidence in his driving. He felt the last stage was very fast.   Erik C.
20:52   The Newlyweds having a blast  
Fresh from their wedding, the De La Trinidads are having a lot of fun. They finished stage 4 with big smiles on their faces.   Erik C.
20:45   Wilson and Olivarez tied  
Wilson and Olivarez have been within one second of each other all day. They are currently tied for 4th in CRS-2   Erik C.
20:40   Chavez fast after dark  
He moves up ahead of Helton in CRS-2. Drivers are still complaining about dust issues.   Erik C.
20:35   Pritchard lost a light on stage 4  
Said the dust was really bad and the stage was very rough. They loat a minute to Crouch on the stage.   Erik C.
20:33   McGuire is back on pace  
He said stage 4 was fast and the dust wasn't too bad. He was just 18 second slower than Crouch   Erik C.
20:30   Crouch also being hurt by the dust  
Said visibility was poor on stage 4. He was a minute off the pace of the front runners.   Erik C.
20:28   Holmes beats Morris by 7 seconds  
Jim Morris said the hanging dust caused them to loose a lot of time in the first night stage. He said they couldn't see at all.   Erik C.
19:36   Cars are leaving seervice now for stage 4  
Bill Holmes and Jim Morris are neck and neck, with only 2 second separating them, and three stages left. Bill thinks these stages suit his truck better, but Jim plans to do everything he can to keep him honest.   Erik C.
19:28   Crouch leads CRS-GT  
Scott Crouch is in third place overall, and has a minute and a half lead over Pritchard. He is having fun and the car is problem free. He says he is not a fan of the fast stages, so he is looking forward to the next three stages that are more technical.   Erik C.
19:24   John Dillon having fun on the left side of the car  
Veteran co-driver John Dillon is enjoying his first rally as a driver. He is having a lot of fun and has complete trust in his co-driver. This is evidenced by the fact that he is not even wearing a watch!   Erik C.
19:21   McGuire still leads CRS-2  
McGuire got stuck on a berm on stage 2, but managed to get off without any damage. They are in service and looking forward to the next three stages. Helton is second, just 5 seconds ahead of Chavez.   Erik C.
19:17   Cars are in service  
Cars are in service now, 11 cars are still running. First car starts leg 2 at 7:30.   Erik C.
18:42   Battle for the lead  
Bill Holmes is leading Jim Morris by only 2 seconds as the cars prepare for Double or Nothing in service, which is a much rougher stage. It will be interesting to see how the Camaro does against the Ford F 150 in the rough.   none
17:50   Stage 3 cancelled  
Cars are transiting to service and will then head to stage 4.   Erik C.
17:07   Sasaki Retires  
Kassandra Sasaki and Tsukasa Gushi are now in the service area and will not be continuing after their roll on stage 1.   Mike G.
16:56   McGuire stuck on stage 2  
He's stuck on a berm, trying to get moving again.   Erik C.
16:51   Holmes and Morris tie stage 2  
They set the same exact time to the second!   Erik C.
16:16   Sasaki rolls on stage 1  
She rolled, landed on her wheels, and managed to continueto finish the stage. Not sure if they will be able to continue to stage 2 though.   Erik C.
16:13   McGuire leads CRS-2  
He set a blazing time on stage 1, beating Chavez by over a minute and moves up into 4th overall.   Erik C.
16:10   Crouch leads CRS-GT  
He is now in 3rd overall   Erik C.
16:07   Katianna flying on stage 1!  
Katianna Pihakari has really picked up the pace and set a blazing fast time on stage 1, moving up into 3rd overall, just 20 seconds behind Morris.   Erik C.
15:58   Helton leads CRS-2  
Alex Helton leads Tony Cavez by 2 seconds after stage 1.   Erik C.
15:53   Bill Holmes takes the lead after stage 1  
Bill Holmes beat Jim Morris by 2 seconds on stage 1. This is shaping up to be a classic battle.   Erik C.
15:45   Cars have started stage 1  
The first cars have started stage 1. Stay tuned for updates as soon as they finish the stage.   Erik C.
12:27   CRS-5 will be the class to watch  
Bill Holmes is here with a new Ford Raptor and Jim Morris is back with his Camaro, so look for a big V8 showdown tonight. Jim Morris added a big spoiler to the back of his Camaro to get more rear end traction. Look for these two to be fighting for the top of the leaderboard.   Erik C.
12:08   Kassandra Saski moves to the driver's seat  
Kassandra Saski is swapping seats with Tsuska Gushi for this event. The pair competed from opposite eides of the car at this event last year.   Erik C.
12:05   13 teams set to start Seed 9  
Thirteen teams are scheduled to start the Seed 9 Rally. Alex Helton is a suprise last minute entry, bringing the CRS-2 class up to six entries. Tony Chavez is the class favorite, moving from P-Stock.   Erik C.
0:00   Live Text Overview  
We (Erik Christiansen & Mike Gibeault) will be bringing you "Live Text" from the Seed 9 Rally as the action unfolds during the rally. While similar to twitter updates (which we will also be doing), Live Text allows more detailed description of what's happening. Live Text is also available directly on RallyData.com. So come back during the Rally (Sat, Nov 5) and check it out.   Mike G.