2011 Prescott Rally - Live Text
15:15   All cars finished and back at Tim;s Subaru  
Everyone is huddled in the garage at Tim's. Pouring rain cleared the lot and sent everyone running for cover, Time for food and some bench racing tales.   MaryAnne S.
15:02   ** UNOFFICIAL** Winners by class (CRS)  
Open 4wd: Scott/Ellzey & Taylor, Subaru STI; CRS-GT: Rademaker/Yi, Impreza RS 2.5; CRS-2: Hoche-Mong/Parekh, VW Golf; Perf Stock: Imai/Stonecipher   MaryAnne S.
14:59   **UNOFFICIAL** Winners by class (USRC)  
USRC: Open AWD: Scott/Ellzey, Subaru STI (1:28:11); Prod AWD: Carnes/Yazdani, Audi 4000CS (1:49.45); Open 2WD: Hoche-Mong/Parekkh, VW Golf (1:44.46)   MaryAnne S.
14:55   Hanging on to win.  
Hoche-mong had fuel pump problems and over heating but manage to get into winners circle.   Erik C.
14:51   Final stage driver recap  
Burke reported shifter popping out on final stage, but happy to finish!   Erik C.
14:48   ** UNOFFICIAL** Top 3 Overall  
OA Place #, Driver / Co-Driver, Car, Score, Place, Class 1, 1, Brian Scott / Brent Ellzey,Subaru STi, 1:28:11, 1, Open AWD/Open 4wd 2 , 5, David Sterckx / Karen Jankowski, Mitsubishi Evo 6, 1:28:50, 2, Open AWD/Open 4wd 3, 6, Mike Whitman / Piers O'Hanlon, Escort RS Cosworth,1:31:24, 3, Open AWD/Open 4wd   MaryAnne S.
14:36   Pihakari improves time by over a minute  
Co-driver John Dillon (Car # 17) said the new wheel bearings installed during service may have been a small factor in the better stage time, but he gave the majority of credit to Katianna's improved and more confident driving skills. "She's becoming a better driver," Dillon said.   MaryAnne S.
14:17   Must you shout?!  
Michael Carnes (#20Audi) and co-driver Reza Yazdani fixed their broken intercom system. "We no longer need to shout." Carnes then turned to Yazdani, and teased in an exaggerated tone, ENUNCIATE 3s!!!"   MaryAnne S.
14:11   Note to self... typing in moving car... not so fun ;)  
We are following course closing and sweep through the final stage on our way back to Tim's Subaru in Prescott. I need to remind John that he is not competing and our Volvo station wagon is NOT the Mazda RX3.   MaryAnne S.
14:07   Okcuoglu experiencing electrical problems; hanging tough  
Hakan (#25) said the car is overcharging because the alternator is overheating.and cuts off power. Going to cross their fingers for a finish.   MaryAnne S.
13:58   BACK ON THE AIR, many updates follow  
#2 - Williams reports weird electric problems under acceleration. Loose power to something, cutting out. They bypassed some thing at service and it's a a little better. #8 - John Burke says the rain is good for him, suts the dust and gives him grip. #12 - Left rear bearing going. Might cease and due to loosing greese. #13 - Still having fun, even on the transit.   MaryAnne S.
13:37   Oh NO, it's SPRINKLING !!!!!  
SS8 start is getting WET !!!!   MaryAnne S.
13:36   #3 update before SS8 start  
O'D's - trying to keep it clean, consistant and nothing hair raising   MaryAnne S.
13:34   Escort update  
#6 Mike Whitman, Trying to hold their position. Only one more to go.   MaryAnne S.
13:32   Cars lining up for start of 8  
#1 Brian Scott and #5 David Sterckx and #6 Mike Whitman here. Brian say "Having fun, all smiles, grabbed a water and ready to roll. They are in the stage start and waiting for the clock to click down.   MaryAnne S.
13:27   Cars are finishing SS7  
Car 1 is at our ATC NOW talking to our roving reporter.   MaryAnne S.
13:16   First car ha started SS7  
Here they come folks...   MaryAnne S.
13:12   Sterckx moving up  
Sterckx/Jankowski are the only ones able to match pace with Scott. They are now in 2nd, giving up a few seconds per stage.   Erik C.
13:10   Scott leads  
Brian Scott won the first two stages with his fill-in co-driver Brent Ellzey. His co-driver from Friday is sitting out with severe motion sickness.   Erik C.
13:07   0 car has cleared SS7  
Cars will be starting at 1:15pm on schedule   MaryAnne S.
13:00   00 car heading down SS8  
Steward is on SS8 and we're almost ready.   MaryAnne S.
12:56   000 car heading down SS8  
Sounds like we're still on schedule...SS7 should be starting in about 15 minutes.   MaryAnne S.
12:31   USRC Standing as of noon  
Place # Driver / Co-Driver Car Score Place Class 1 1 Brian Scott / Steven Taylor Subaru STi 1:11:55 1 Open AWD 2 5 David Sterckx / Karen Jankowski Mitsubishi Evo 6 1:12:37 2 Open AWD 3 6 Mike Whitman / Piers O'Hanlon Escort RS Cosworth 1:14:08 3 Open AWD 4 2 Mitchell Williams / Alix Hakala Subaru Impreza 1:15:38 4 Open AWD 5 8 Jon Burke / Tom Morningstar Subaru WRX 1:16:47 5 Open AWD   MaryAnne S.
11:25   Fiorelli rolled on stage 2  
  Erik C.
11:25   All cars have started SS6  
We are off to the next live update spot. If we see anything interesting, you'll be the first to know.   MaryAnne S.
11:24   Williams slow on stage 6  
Williams/Hakala came into the finish of stage 2 two minutes off the pace, with O'Driscolls on his heels.   Erik C.
11:16   Leader is STOPPED on course  
Sounds like a flat but not confirmed yet. They are working on the car.   MaryAnne S.
11:16   Hudson changing flat on stage 6  
First cars are finishing stage 6 now.   Erik C.
10:48   Hudson problems  
Car 7 is dealing with the lack of spare tire. They knocked 2 tires off the bead and only had one spare. Skid plate is hanging and they are worried about ripping it off. They hope to make it to service in one piece.   MaryAnne S.
10:42   SS6 is OPEN and HOT  
First car is due out at 10:52   MaryAnne S.
10:30   Car 0 started  
Car 0 is making the way through the 2nd special stage for today. Looks like we're keeping to schedule.   MaryAnne S.
10:13   Broken car updates and next stage  
Car 14 - John Black is out with electrical problems. Car 21 - Huffman is out with right rear suspension broken as well as engine failure. Not sure which came first. Cars are preparing to start the next stage, about 10 minutes until 0 starts out on stage.   MaryAnne S.
10:05   Last car in. 2 cars out after 1 stage  
Jen and Terry finished. Sweep has left and both 14 and 21 will be left on stage.   MaryAnne S.
10:00   Long gap waiting for last few cars to finish  
There's a couple off on stage and they might have time to make it in before the stage ends. Hopefully anyone doing repairs can hurry up. Turn around area getting crowded with cars waiting to start the next stage.   MaryAnne S.
09:54   Stage results so far  
Stage 5 B.Scot 18:03 W.Huds -0:07 1% M.Will -0:10 1% D.Ster -0:13 1% M.Whit -0:34 3% C.O'Dr -1:15 7% A.Rade -1:15 7% M.Hoch -1:27 8% J.Burk -1:30 8% V.Samu -2:15 12% E.Fior -2:43 15% C.Akde -3:03 17% H.Okcu -3:13 18% M.Carn -3:28 19% L.Prit -4:16 24% K.Piha -4:51 27%   MaryAnne S.
09:50   Car 14 attempting repairs ON STAGE  
Not sure the issue but they are trying to get going according passing competitors. Hope they have the right tool or part needed.   MaryAnne S.
09:48   Car 20 - Lot of SCREAMING  
Car 20 Carnes/Yazadani - Intercom broke on Friday, lot of SHOUTING last night. Car 8 gave them walkies to use for today but that's not working either. Back to screaming and holding on. Hoping they have enough voices to last the day,   MaryAnne S.
09:43   Car 21 reported PARKED along stage  
Reports coming in that Huffman is sitting along the road, triangles out but no noticeable reason for stop. Seem to be waiting for a tow or help.   MaryAnne S.
09:41   Car 3 being CAREFUL  
Car 3 - Car OK but not as confident since there was no RECCE and lots of cliffs.   MaryAnne S.
09:40   Waiting to hear what happened to Car 12 ??  
Came in way down from where expected.   MaryAnne S.
09:35   Near miss with DEER  
#12 Hoche-Mong - really fun except for the LONG uphill climb. This is RALLY. Stage has so much variety and flat outs. Lot of rock dodging BUT the exciting time was the DEER DODGING !!!! They missed the deer and made the turn OK.   MaryAnne S.
09:30   Car 8 spinout on stage !!!  
Car 8 (John Burke) - had a spin and stall at a left 3/right 3, video of the excitement to follow. Good story to be told at the end of the day.   MaryAnne S.
09:28   Car 1, Brian Scott update  
New co-driver, Brent, was surprised that "it didn't feel as fast as it looked"....   MaryAnne S.
09:26   Car 7 - Hudson follow-up  
They knew they'd almost lost it coming to the finish. It was a "rookie" mistake, it came up faster than expected. There were TWO WHEELS off on the cliff side Surely a 5 x O-F... experience.   MaryAnne S.
09:19   Standings for first 3 cars  
Hudson leads by a margin of 0:21 over Brian Scott and then followed by Sterckx not far behind. Williams coming in now.   MaryAnne S.
09:13   First car arriving at end of Perkins Ville DRAMATICALLY  
The workers had a great view of an exciting finish as the first car (#7) Will Hudson approached. Workers said he nearly lost it at the last curve. The back wheel was in the air off the edge of the road. Very happy faces as they entered the finish control.   MaryAnne S.
09:08   NOTE: Codriver change for today  
Brent Ellsy is in the right seat for for Brian Scott #1 after Friday navigator Steven Taylor became sick (more than just motion sickness).   MaryAnne S.
09:05   Live updates are ONLINE and ready to serve  
Live Text updates at http://rallydata.com/ColdFusion/LiveTextDisplay.cfm Live Scoring at http://rallydata.com/Results/Prescott_2011_NatScoreBoard.htm CRS Press Twitter feed found at http://twitter.com/#!/crspress   MaryAnne S.
09:04   Car #8 has started at 9:02am  
Jon Burke is on the road and headed down the stage.   MaryAnne S.
08:58   First specail stage has started for Saturday  
Car leaving at 2 minute intervals heading south towards Jerome.   MaryAnne S.
08:44   Saturday stages are about to start  
Prescott Rally 2011 Day 2 is looking like a fun an fast day of rallying. Skies are clear and light breezes will hopefully keep the dust clear of the roads. The drive up to Jerome was wonderful this morning. The drive through the King Gold Mine and the rusty red cuts was really bumpy but still fun.   MaryAnne S.
23:14   Prescott welcomes the Belgium National Champion  
David Sterckx/Karen Jankowski are running a Mitsubishi Evo 6 in the open 4wd class. Sterckx boasts a long resume of motorsports accolades including winning the Belgian Champion Gr N D2 twice with Mitsubishi Guy Colsoul Rallysport, as well as impressive wins in both rally and road racing. "This is his second event in the U.S. and only our second event as a team [when we ran the Mendicino Rally]," Jankowski said. "Next year we plan to run the entire Rally America Championship series together." Prescott is Sterckx's first event running with someone else's notes, Jankowski added. Back at the finish of tonight's competition, their crew fixed the car for tomorrow. "We had a flat on 3 and the clutch stopped working into 4 and didn't work throughout," Jankowski said.   MaryAnne S.
23:03   O'Driscolls and the flat tire saga  
Lori O'Driscoll shared more information about their difficulties with flat tires on SS3. She said about a quarter of the way into the stage, they went through a "really tight left and then right; it happened on the right." Both left tires went flat at the same time. To top it off, they only had one spare AND the jack malfunctioned. They coasted through SS4 and made it back to the Best Western parking lot where they discovered they no longer had any rubber on the left rear and they'd been riding on the rim. However, in typical fashion of rally competitors, they didn't give up. "We had to finish so we can run tomorrow," Chris O'Driscoll said.   MaryAnne S.
21:04   All cars clear of stage 4  
Rally starts at 7:58am tomorrow!   Erik C.
21:03   Close competition at the top  
The top five teams are in tight competition going into the overnight break. Hudson/Szykowny leads Scott/Taylor by 28 seconds. Steckx/Jankowski are in third, just 24 seconds back. Whitman/O'Hanlon are moving up, sitting 4th 22 seconds behind. Williams/Hakala are in 5th, 32 seconds behind Williams.   Erik C.
20:55   Remember to follow the Twitter feed...  
Rademacher set some impressive times after dark. Leads CRS-GT after stage 4; Black is clear of the last stage tonight with the P-Stock lead; Black is clear of the last stage tonight with the P-Stock lead...check the Live Scoring for current standings.http://rallydata.com/Results/Prescott_2011_NatScoreBoard.htm.   MaryAnne S.
20:53   Pritchard moves into 2nd in CRS-GT  
Pritchard set some fast times after dark and moves into 2nd in CRS-GT after stage 4.   Erik C.
20:50   Rademacher leads CRS-GT  
Despite a flat on stage 3, Rademacher beat a few open cars on the last few stages. Rademacher/Yi are leading CRS-GT after stage 4.   Erik C.
20:48   Fiorelli has flat on stage 4  
Fiorelli/Smith came into the finish of stage 4 without a tire attached to the front rim on the co-driver side. They are currently second in CRS-2 and 2wd overall.   Erik C.
20:42   GREEN LIGHT here  
We're off to town. YEA !!!!!!!!   MaryAnne S.
20:38   18 is here at SS4 start, but ...  
Driver doesn't look happy, car has problems and hopes they can make it to the end. Noises coming from EVERYWHERE.   MaryAnne S.
20:36   No more LEANING wheel  
#16 - Wilson fixed the strut at service and taking easy to just finish in one piece tonight...   MaryAnne S.
20:34   Limping home on flat  
#3 Came in to SS4 with flat and has used up all spares already. It'll be a LONG drive back....   MaryAnne S.
20:32   Compliments  
Truck #22 is OK on stage 3 but off where he shouldn't be. John Dillon - Really likes the Tulips and Notes together in the route book. Stage dividers in the book are great idea too.   MaryAnne S.
20:29   Good news  
O'Driscolls moving again and have cleared stage 3.   MaryAnne S.
20:23   Stary night  
John Black likes the less rain and the view of the star in the sky.   MaryAnne S.
20:22   Nubies love it  
#21 Short of Aux light alignment, they're having a LOT of fun. NUBIE excitement bubbling over...   MaryAnne S.
20:16   Co-driver recovers  
#10 - codriver doing much better after Ginger Ale and a break at service   MaryAnne S.
20:16   Service repairs working well  
#13 - work on engine and tires at service proving out well.   MaryAnne S.
20:12   Vartan is now #318  
They are not the only ones with number stickers coming off. 318 was the number from X-Games and a good number to have.   MaryAnne S.
20:09   Sterckx is now 3rd overall.  
Sterckx picks up the pace, 2nd fastest so far on stage 3, 13s behind Hudson   MaryAnne S.
20:06   Another happy camper  
car 8 - running great and working FINISH and get those Class points for CRS.   MaryAnne S.
20:05   O'Driscoll off on stage 3  
Team is okay, but unable to continue.   Erik C.
20:04   Fun for all at Prescott  
#2 - Mich Williams, cars running great after tires swapped. #6 - Whitman happy with car, no major changes done at service, none need now.   MaryAnne S.
19:57   Hudson first on road but may not be first on clock  
#7 - Hudson, computer problems, not sure if they are fast or slow. #1 - brian scott - says it was fun but not sure if they are close to Hudson   MaryAnne S.
19:55   Car 1 arrives at SS4  
Must be poor radio reception due to rain, didn't know they had finished SS3. Cars lining up for SS4. SS4 is not hot and ready to go...   MaryAnne S.
19:39   0 car has started SS4  
Good sign of progress. Still slight rain but nothing like the downpour from before.   MaryAnne S.
19:37   SS3 still not started  
Will be ready to go shortly. Safety first...   MaryAnne S.
19:34   Class standings after stage 2  
Hudson leads Open 4wd by 31s over Scott, Williams in 3rd Hoche-Mong leads CRS-2 by 79s over Fiorelli, Zamora in 3rd Rademacher leads CRS-GT by 48s over Carnes, Pritchard in 3rd Black leads P-Stock over Imai   Erik C.
19:17   Pritchard has a rattle  
Pritchard (#19/Impreza) reports he's still having fun even though he's got a loose exhaust heat shield that's rattling.   MaryAnne S.
19:14   Chernis off on SS2  
Doug Chernis off on Stage 2 at bridge; team OK, per a report from Service.   MaryAnne S.
19:12   000 and 00 on SS4  
The first two course opening cars have left the start of Stage 4, First View South. Still sprinkling a bit, so hopefully no monsoonal rain.   MaryAnne S.
17:57   Topic of debate--is rallying fun in the rain?  
Well, that depends. Some competitors said they love running in the rain while others said it was slippery and required a bit more caution. As for the volunteers (such as myself)... not so fun... :) Here at the start of Stage 2, it's still raining intermittently with occasional streaks of lightening in the distance.   MaryAnne S.
17:54   Hakan is hot ;)  
Hakan reported overheating issues. Removed thermostat before stage1 (@crspress on Twitter)   MaryAnne S.
17:51   Hudson at service reports...  
Hudson says a new alignment and fresh tires made his car feel great. No issues for them coming into service with the lead.   MaryAnne S.
17:49   Cars coming into service  
Cars starting to come into service, reporting variable conditions due to the rain.   MaryAnne S.
17:47   Hudson maintains lead, but only by a hair  
With just over half the cars finishing Stage 2, Hudson is still in the lead, but he can't relax just yet since Scott, Williams and Sterckx only hundredths of a minute behind.   MaryAnne S.
17:43   Standings after Stage 1  
Hudson, Scott, Williams, Sterckx, Whitman, O'Driscoll. See http://rallydata.com/Results/Prescott_2011_NatScoreBoard.htm for full details.   MaryAnne S.
17:39   Results  
Fiorelli is 2nd fastest 2wd on stage 1 so far, ahead of John Black by 10 seconds   MaryAnne S.
17:37   Time to move ON  
We're moving on to our next assigned reporting stop. We'll be at the start of First View South.   MaryAnne S.
17:36   Last car passing by  
#22 - as they said, still alive, and bringing up the rear...   MaryAnne S.
17:33   NOOBIES  
#21 - they are so excited to be on their first event. BIG GRINS all around...   MaryAnne S.
17:31   First Timers  
19 - Leelyn says, First rally, one happy, one sick. Rain does not help   MaryAnne S.
17:30   REUNITED  
#17 - Katianna and John - John says "it;s good to be back in the car with Katianna after 6 months". We're taking it easy to make sure to finish.   MaryAnne S.
17:25   #16 Wilson showing some damage  
Left Rear tire does NOT look like it belongs at that weird angle. TILT TIL. Some repairs will surely be needed at service.   MaryAnne S.
17:22   More cars coming by...  
#14 - John Black - 2WD makes it interesting coming thru... SIDEWAYS #15 - Eddie says "It's not supposed to rain, I put the light bar on and the ponchos in the back", the middle was the worst.   MaryAnne S.
17:21   Car #13 came in smoking to start of Witty  
Well, actually, it was the DRIVER that was smoking. Must have been a REALLY good stage....   MaryAnne S.
17:16   2WD car it kicking butt  
Hoche-Mong is moving in his vw! Finishes stage 1 faster than many 4wd cars!   MaryAnne S.
17:14   Slippery after other cars going through  
#11 Samuelian - say it's really slippery and ALMOST went off twice in the first stage alone. Will need to back off a little.   MaryAnne S.
17:12   Bad time to test struts  
Alex Rademacher #10 is testing out new unmatched STRUTS and co-driver paying the price. Can you say "up up..... wait.... ok...."   MaryAnne S.
17:09   GRIPPY !!!  
#9 Hakan says "likes rain factor and makes it more GRIPPY" Wonder if he likes the lightening ?   MaryAnne S.
17:03   AZ Love  
#6 Whitman says - They Loved the rain !!! No problems at all. Not sure if they are seeing the lightning or hearing the thunder though... Really coming down now.   MaryAnne S.
16:59   Flying cars  
Hudson is flying! Moves into first by almost 30 seconds! Brakes were in fire going into the finish control. Whitman is 3rd in his Escort Cosworth   MaryAnne S.
16:58   Hudson flying!  
Hudson just set fastest time on stage 1 by almost 30 soconds. Came into the finish control with his brakes on fire!   Erik C.
16:55   Rain is REALLY here...  
Brian Scott #1 - Happy it's raining because no dust and gives car better grip. Michel Williams #2 - Rain makes course exciting however. it make it's slick too. Might have to back off a little.   MaryAnne S.
16:54   Cars arriving at Witty Tom North  
First cars are here and ready to go. Start of next stage happening now   MaryAnne S.
16:44   Car #1 has finished  
And here comes the rain AGAIN....   MaryAnne S.
16:19   Thunder  
And it's NOT the rally cars...   MaryAnne S.
16:02   RAIN is here !!!  
There's SPRINKLES coming down at start of Witty Tom North. Workers arriving here all have VERY wet cars. Will it STOP or will it DOWNPOUR ???????   MaryAnne S.
15:52   000 on First View North stage  
Cars are approaching the start of the stage. The rain may have skipped over the course but the afternoon winds are definitely picking. The winds may help keep the dust clear along the roads. Drivers would love to have no dust, we're sure.   MaryAnne S.
15:07   Cars have started the Prescott Rally 2011  
Cars are on the road heading to the beginning of First View North stage.   MaryAnne S.
14:50   Rain, rain, stay away, cars will be on the way soon  
Storms visible in the distance. Rain may play a factor on tonight's stages. First car starts Prescott Rally in 60 minutes! Cars are through tech and in parc expose.   MaryAnne S.
14:28   Clear skies and fresh air  
Prescott is situated in central Arizona, sitting at an elevation of just over 5K feet. The city is adjacent to and partially within the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe reservation, according to Wikipedia. The local weather forecast is mostly sunny with humidity at 20%; high today in the mid 80s. Tomorrow's a different story as weather.com is predicting intermittent thunder storms in the area.   MaryAnne S.
12:29   Clear skies and fresh air  
Prescott is situated in central Arizona, sitting at an elevation of just over 5K feet. The city is adjacent to and partially within the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe reservation, according to Wikipedia. The local weather forecast is mostly sunny with humidity at 20%; high today in the mid 80s. Tomorrow's a different story as weather.com is predicting intermittent thunder storms in the area.   MaryAnne S.
12:19   Black does it better sideways  
John Black (#14/Ford Ranger/Prod 2WD & Perf Stk) said one of the advantages of competing in a truck is it goes faster over rough terrain. "However, the cars have more horsepower," he said. His only class competition is Jen Imai (#18/Suzuki Swift GT). Even though she starts several cars behind him, he said, "Jen's got a good little car."   MaryAnne S.
12:15   A match made in heaven?  
Brian Scott (#1) has Steven Taylor co-driving for him. This will be the first event as a team.   MaryAnne S.
12:10   The battle of the top two  
Mitch Williams and Brian Scott, both in Subaru AWD, are the first cars on the road. Williams said his strategy is "to play conservative and mellow" to save the car for Rally New York. "But, I wouldn't mind making Brian squirm," he added.   MaryAnne S.
11:50   Dog Fight in 4WD Open  
Top 8 team in start order have speed factors above .9 Should be a good battle.   MaryAnne S.
0:00   Live Text Overview  
We (MaryAnne & John Shults and Erik Christiansen) will be bringing you "Live Text" from the Prescott Rally as the action unfolds during the rally. While similar to twitter updates (which we will also be doing), Live Text allows more detailed description of what's happening. Live Text is also available directly on RallyData.com. So come back during the Rally (Friday, Sept 30 and Saturday, Oct 1) and check it out.   Mike G.