2012 Mendocino Rally - Live Text
20:42   Scores are now Final  
The scores for the 2012 Mendocino Rally are now final and can be viewed at http://www.rallydata.com/Results/Mendocino_2012_ClubScoreBoard.htm   Mike G.
20:08   Alex Rademacher/John Stewart win Open Lite/CRS GT  
Alex Rademacher and John Stewart finished second overall, winning their class, but it wasn't without drama. Their Subaru Impreza overheated on the first two stages due to a fan failure. In a typical rally scenario, other competitors donated various wiring parts to get the fan operating again and get him back up to speed.   Paula G.
19:51   Hoche-Mong takes his first overall win!  
Michel Hoche-Mong and Jimmy Brandt have won the 2012 Mendocino Rally - his first overall win! New tires for the last stage were a big help. A near failure of their fuel pump two minutes before the stage start added a bit of drama.   Paula G.
18:50   Stage 8 is now "hot"  
Zero car has completed stage 8 and declared the course hot. So rally cars should be starting the last stage soon.   Mike G.
18:14   Sarkis Mazmanian is a DNF  
Sarkis Mazmanian has been towed to the end of stage 5 and has front suspension / steering damage that will prevent him form continuing.   Mike G.
18:01   Pollard moves into third overall  
Pete Pollard / Seri Traver is now in third overall 32 sec ahead of Aaron Ekinaka / Marra Estep. A good result for his second rally.   Mike G.
17:25   Sarkis Mazmanian stopped on stage  
Sarkis Mazmanian is stopped on stage 5 with what may be engine problems since his car was making lots of noise when it passed a road blockage before stopping. Details as we hear more.   Mike G.
17:19   Car 42 reports on DNF  
Michael Carnes says "Lost concentration on straight and didn't slow enough for right R4 and slid way off the road." The car is okay but going to take serious work to pull it back onto the road.   Kris M.
17:16   Correction Pollard wins Stage 5  
Pete Pollard has turned a time 6 seconds faster than Alex Rademacher on stage 5, setting the new standard.   Mike G.
17:13   Rademacher wins Stage 5  
Alex Rademacher beat Michel Hoche-Mong by 5 sec on stage 5. Maybe the roads are getting softer and the 4wd is beginning to help Alex - or did Michel make a mistake?   Mike G.
16:58   Stage 5 is now hot  
Zero car has suffered a broken transmission on stage 5 and as a result double zero has declared the stage hot. Rally cars have now started the stage .   Mike G.
16:33   Christiansen re-joins rally for fun runs.  
Replaced rear spindle, retrieved rear wheel from sweep. The team is fun running and happy to be back out there!   Kris M.
16:06   Class Leaders after Stage 4  
Michel Hoche-Mong / Jimmy Brandt has a solid lead over Pete Pollard / Seri Traver in CRS-2 and Group 2. Alex Rademacher / John Stewart have a slim 14 sec over Aaron Ekinaka / Marra Estep for CRS GT and Open Lite. Sarkis Mazmanian / John Dillon have a solid lead over John Black / Lori Stone for Performance Stock.   Mike G.
15:54   Lockhart is a DNF  
It has now been confirmed that Andrew and Robin Lockhart are a DNF. The heavy sweep is working to get their car clear of the course and as such there will be a bit of a delay getting stage 5 going.   Mike G.
15:42   Dust is not an issue  
Unlike many rallys this time of year dust does not seem to be a problem (according to the drivers at the turn around). Sarkis has reported that his air conditioning has failed.   Mike G.
15:26   Lockhart rolls  
Andrew & Robin Lockhart have gone up the side of a bank and rolled about 4.5 miles into stage 4.   Mike G.
15:24   Michel Hoche-Mong extends his lead  
Michel Hoche-Mong has won stage 4 by 25 seconds over Alex rademacher to extend his lead to 35 seconds.   Mike G.
14:49   Stage 4 Ready to Start  
Zero car has completed stage 4 and has declared it "hot", so rally cars will be starting the stage soon.   Mike G.
13:29   Cars in Service  
The rally cars are now in service. The first car will leave service on schedule at 2:00 PM. After a re-seed the first car on the road will be Michel Hoche-Mong and Jimmy Brandt in their well seasoned VW GTI, and lead CRS-2 and Group 2. Alex Rademacher leads CRS GT and Open Lite by 10 seconds over, Aaron Ekinaka. Sarkis Mazmanian leads John Black by almost a minute for Perfmance Stock.   Mike G.
13:03   Michael Carnes DNFs  
Michael Carnes is indeed well off the road and is a DNF   Mike G.
12:55   Christiansen is a DNF  
Erik Christiansen is indeed a DNF and is currently limping his way off the course with no left rear tire.   Mike G.
12:32   RX stages cancelled  
The 4 RallyCross stages have been canceled due to the condition of the course (very rough).   Mike G.
12:30   Christiansen loses wheel  
Erik Christiansen has lost a wheel on stage 1 and may be out, however we are not sure about that at this point.   Mike G.
12:27   Carnes stopped on Stage 1  
It has been reported that Michael Carnes is stopped on Stage 1 with the OK sign displayed.   Mike G.
12:00   The 2012 Mendocino Rally has started!  
Cooler today with some light clouds, the rally has started on time. 12 competitors today. Stay tuned for updated info here on rallydata.com!   Kris M.
11:55   Stage 1 Ready to Start  
Zero car has completed the first stage and declared the course hot. Rally cars should be starting soon.   Mike G.
10:40   Mendocino Rally about to start  
12 cars are set to start the 2012 Mendocino Rally.at noon today. This is good news since a forest fire had the whole area closed down only one week ago and it was uncertain if the rally was going to be able to take place.   Mike G.
12:00   Live Text Overview  
RallyData will be bringing you "Live Text" from the Mendocino Rally as the action unfolds during the rally. While similar to twitter updates (which we will also be doing), Live Text allows more detailed description of what's happening. So come back during the Rally (Sat, Aug 4) and check it out.   Mike G.