2011 Mendocino Red Tail Rally - Nearly Live Text
21:49   Scores are Final  
Scores are now final (9:45 PM)   MG
20:21   Moser broke axle  
It has now been reported that Tim Moser's DNF was caused by a broken an axle.   MG
20:17   Moser is a DNF  
Tim Moser is officailly a DNF on stage 7. All running cars have now finished stage 7 which is the last stage of the rally, so the rally is now over.   MG
20:07   Moser stopped on stage 7  
Tim Moser has stopped on the side of the road on stage 7. The report indicates that it was probably a mechanical problem as opposed to an off road excursion   MG
17:37   David Sterckx DNFs  
David Sterckx (car 14) has DNFed at the start of stage 6, with a seized clutch and the transmission stuck in gear.   MG
17:11   Sterckx hasn't started Stage 6  
David Sterckx (car 14) was supposed to be the first car on the road on stage 6. It has been reported that Alex Rademacher (car 390) is now the first car on the road for stage 6.   MG
16:48   Stage 5 running  
Stage 5 is running now. David Sterckx (car 14) has finished and appears to be having problems with first gear.   MG
16:10   Car 72 DNFs  
Roger Mathews is now officially a DNF on Stage 4.   MG
15:47   Car 49 finishes stage 4  
Sean Lane has now finished stage 4 and the car is running fine.   MG
15:45   Car 72 has rolled  
Roger Mathews has rolled just prior to the finish of stage 4.   MG
15:28   Car 72 moving  
Heavy sweep has pulled Roger Mathews out and he is now running the rest of stage 4 at speed.   MG
15:10   Car 49 stopped on stage 4  
Sean Lane has slide of the road on stage 4 and is currently in the ditch. It's too early to know if he will be able to continue.   MG
15:02   Car 72 stopped on stage 4  
Roger Matthews has apparently had an off road excursion and is currently stopped on stage 4. Its too early to know whether he will be able to continue or not.   MG
14:50   Stage 4 is running - ALex is happy  
Alex Rademacher loves the roads he says "It's had not to giggle" Go figure   MG
14:31   Adam Crane Hits a Bush ?  
Adam Crane (car 742) came into the finish of stage 3 with a portion of a bush embedded in the left front fender.   MG
14:26   Stage 3 running  
Stage 3 is now running and the cars are now spaced at 2 minute intervals instead of 1 minute due to hanging dust.   MG
12:16   Stage 1 starts  
The first stage of the rally is now active. Scores should be coming in soon. See all the scores at: http://www.rallydata.com/Results/Mendocino_2011_ClubScoreBoard.htm   MG
0:00   Live Text Overview  
We will be doing "nearly live text" from the Mendocino Rally as the action unfolds during the rally. While similar to twitter updates (which we will also be doing). live text allows more detailed desription of what's happening. Live text is also available directly on RallyData.com. So come back on Saturday Aug 6 and check it out.   MG