2012 Idaho Rally - Live Text
16:23   Final scores have been posted!  
All stage scores have now been posted.   Paula G.
15:31   UTV's and ATV's all finish Idaho Rally  
All of today's eight UTV and two ATV class starters have successfully finished the final stage! This smooth, fast, flowing event is excellent for their vehicles.   Paula G.
14:49   Peter Hunt/Billy Irvin Car 299 breaks down on last stage  
Unfortunately the Eagle Talon of Hunt/Irvin has broken down (reason unknown, OK sign shown) eight miles into the final stage of the rallly! It's a real shame, as this team worked itself steadily up the leaderboard throughout both days of the rally, starting with a low speed factor and finishing running sixth on the road!   Paula G.
14:38   Final scores will be delayed  
Keep an eye on the scoreboard - the scoring repeater is again being used for the critical safety tracking of cars, so scores will be posted as soon as possible. The cars are finishing this enjoyable stage - the drivers with big grins on their faces! Since this is the official end of the event, the cars, UTV's and ATV's are now "off the clock."   Paula G.
14:33   Byron Garth/Jake Blattner take the Idaho Rally win  
Byron Garth and Jake Blattner have convincingly won the 2012 Idaho Rally International presented by Larry Miller Subaru, with a consistent clean, fast run!   Paula G.
14:15   Watson Rabbit to fun run final stage  
The Watson's VW Rabbit will be fun running (and completing the USRC national under Super Rally rules) right after Brian Scott's Z.   Paula G.
14:12   Delayed stage 6 to start soon  
Despite some issues setting up start-to-finish communications, the final stage, Harris Creek West, is due to start very soon as 0 Car has nearly reached the finish.   Paula G.
13:09   Final service before final stage of the event  
The rally cars are arriving in Placerville for the final service before the last stage of the day and the rally: the enjoyable Harris Creek stage run to the west.   Paula G.
12:18   Update on Scott/Dillon off  
It turns out that Brian Scott's Z did go off on stage 7 and did heavy damage to the front suspension, which has nearly been completely replaced in order for them to fun run. They barely were able to complete the repairs in time to fit in ahead of the UTV's. They WILL get to complete the USRC event under Super Rally rules, which assigns them a stage time five minutes longer than the winning time in their class for any stage they were unable to complete, plus an additional ten minute penalty.   Paula G.
12:04   Scott/Dillon 240 Z fun running  
Brian Scott and John Dillon had mechanical difficulties (not sure what yet) on Stage 7 but have been allowed to fun run at the back of the cars. Might as well enjoy these beautiful rally roads with great weather today!   Paula G.
12:01   Bryan & Rudy Watson did not leave service  
We're waiting to see if the Watson's VW Rabbit will make it back in the pack - it seems dubious. We're unsure why they have DNF'd.   Paula G.
11:59   Class leaders after Stage 9  
USRC's overall standings after Stage 9: Open AWD led by Garth/Blattner Open 2WD led by Hoche-Mong/Brandt Production AWD led by Mark Tabor/Kathryn Hansen Production 2Wd led by Black/Stone   Paula G.
11:38   Byron Garth/Jake Blattner continue big lead  
The Subaru WRX of Garth/Blattner maintain their big lead - at the end of stage 9, the second running of Grimes Pass North, they are ahead of Dave Henderson/Terrence McDowell's Impreza by over three minutes in the overall event.   Paula G.
11:18   First service of the day  
The cars, UTV's, and ATV's are pulling into service in Placerville. The large entry has pretty much filled up all the empty lots and spaces around the town square with service trucks, trailers, and busy crews working on their competition vehicles!   Paula G.
11:06   Car 284 loses two minutes on Stage 8  
The VW Rabbit of Bryan and Rudy Watson lost two minutes on Stage 8 - perhaps a flat??   Paula G.
10:30   Stage 8 has started  
Alder Creek 1 has started at 11:25 AM. Conditions are drying but not dusty - good traction.   Paula G.
10:14   Car 413 loses time on Stage 7  
Erik Schmidt and Jeremy Rowland suffered a right front flat and lost time - but not much! - changing it on Stage 7.   Paula G.
10:07   Brian Scott out? on Stage 7  
Brian Scott's beautiful red 240Z was off on the side of stage 7 with the OK sign - no word yet except "off".   Paula G.
10:05   Two cars rejoin rally second day  
Several DNFs yesterday were repaired overnight and have rejoined to compete today: Car 190, Jason Staats/Mike LeDoux, Car 15, Chuck Wilson/Brent Ellzey. Dan Brown is running again in Car 203 but with Danny Norkus co-driving today.   Paula G.
09:28   First stage shortened  
The first stage of the day, Grimes Pass North 1, has been shortened 1.7 miles to eliminate a tricky, rough, slippery section that caused several crashes yesterday.   Paula G.
09:26   Day Two of Idaho International Rally  
34 cars, 8 UTV's, and 2 ATV's have started the second day of the Idaho International Rally presented by Larry Miller Subaru. A beautiful day with some sun greeted the competitors at the drivers' meeting at the town square in historic Placerville.   Paula G.
17:11   Expect further stage score delays  
Due to "technical difficulties" of various sorts, stage 6 scores and totals for Saturday will be delayed until this evening! Keep checking back!   Paula G.
16:23   Live updates will be delayed on Stage 6  
Stage scores on Stage 6 will be delayed as the Scoring Repeater is being used for stage operations.   Paula G.
16:20   Car 206 comes back to life on stage 5  
Car 206, Dustin Embry/Jeff Stoner, have completed Stage 5. Better late than never! We haven't learned why they were delayed. The word is now out that they are time barred but may be allowed to "fun run" on Stage 6.   Paula G.
16:17   Final stage of day has started  
Cars are running on Stage 6, Harris Creek West. After the final control the rally cars (only) will head into Horseshoe Bend to the Chevron Station for a car show. The Chevron Station has donated a prize fund to the rally. ATV's and UTV's will load up at the finish of Stage 6 (they aren't street legal to make the transit into town).   Paula G.
15:27   Intermittent rain returns  
After a few sunny moments, intermittent rainshowers have returned, although the temperature has "warmed" to the low 50's.   Paula G.
15:24   Cars 206 and 190 off on Stage 5  
Car 206, Dustin Embry and Jeff Stoner, and Car 190, Jason Staats and Mike Ledoux, are reported off on the side of Stage 5 with OK signs out. No word on why or if they will be able to continue.   Paula G.
15:21   Final service before last stage of day  
The first rally cars have arrived at service - 30 minutes - for a reseed. One stage to go, Harris Creek West, stage 6.   Paula G.
14:57   Car 285 out on Stage 5  
Reports are that Mike Gooodwin/Danny Norkus in Car 285 are on the side of the road on Stage 5 with the OK sign out.   Paula G.
14:53   Grimes Pass second run starts  
The rally field has started Stage 5, the second running of Grimes Pass South.   Paula G.
14:52   UTV Chris Cash moves to 3rd with corrected time  
Chris Cash's time was corrected to one minute faster on stage 2, putting him in 3rd in class and overall in the UTV event.   Paula G.
14:27   Car 49 out on Stage 4  
Car 49 is reported out with an OK sign, reason unknown at this point. Driver is Sean Lane, co-driver Christian Coulter.   Paula G.
14:26   Carl Markum leads UTVs after two stages  
Carl Markum leads Brent Heck in UTV SBS 1 class by 17 seconds. Lewis Veal is top ATV rider at this point.   Paula G.
14:20   Michel Hoche-Mong in 5th- top 2WD  
Michel and co-driver Jimmy Brandt's VW Golf GTI is in an impressive 5th place, top two wheel-drive car, after Stage 4.   Paula G.
14:11   Stage 4 has started  
The re-run of Alder Creek North has started with a somewhat smaller entry field. Byron Garth has a lead of one minute 4 seconds over Dave Henderson, both in Subarus.   Paula G.
14:00   Car 15 is out?  
At this point Car 15 is off on stage 3 with his OK sign out, reason unknown (Chuck Wilson, Brent Ellzey).   Paula G.
13:26   Weather improving?  
The skies are lifting a bit and the steady rain and snow have stopped! That is an improvement in conditions for the control workers, road guards, and UTV and ATV riders. It's still blustery and cold, however..   Paula G.
12:55   Car 135's car problem  
The report on Brent Herclinksky's Suzuki Swift is that it broke a timing belt, causing his DNF on stage 2.   Paula G.
12:47   Stage 3 has started- Grimes Pass  
Grimes Pass, one of the longer, more challenging stages, has started at 1:21 PM.   Paula G.
12:13   Scores coming in slowly but surely!  
Our intrepid scoring relay Dave Erickson is manning the STOP control by himself plus trying to copy scores on drenched papers, so relaying scores has been very tough! He's doing a great job.   Paula G.
12:01   Rain defies prediction!  
Light rain has persisted on the course, with snow at the higher elevations! The forecast is for it to lighten up soon....   Paula G.
12:00   Alder Creek Stage 2 News  
Car 509,Dave and Jenatte Clark, and Car 135, Brent Herclinsky/Alex Orozco, are reported off on Stage 2 with OK signs out. Car 200, Jon Burke, has requested his trailer as his Subaru is unable to continue, reason unknown.   Paula G.
10:50   Stage 2 has started!  
Stage 2, Alder Creek North 1, has started at 11:49 AM.   Paula G.
10:09   Stage 1 Cancelled  
Rally entrants are transiting Stage 1 as it has been cancelled due to civilian traffic during setup. Cars will go to a short service in Placerville then head on to Stage 2, Alder Creek North.   Paula G.
09:48   Idaho Rally has record entry  
Today's first day of the Idaho Rally, sponsored by Larry Miller Subaru, boasts a record entry of 40 rally cars, 10 UTV's, and 2 ATV's.   Paula G.
12:00   Live Text Overview  
RallyData will be bringing you "Live Text" from the Idaho Rally as the action unfolds during the rally. While similar to twitter updates (which we will also be doing), Live Text allows more detailed description of what's happening. So come back during the Rally (Sat, June 9) and check it out.   Mike G.