2011 Idaho Rally - Nearly Live Text
15:22   Rally Moto event weekend class winners  
Charles Buren on his YFZ 450 has won the overall Rally Moto event and the ATV Sport class with a total time of one hour, forty minutes, and 48 seconds. Jerry Brown had the second fastest overall time of 1:45:17 and won the Under 800 bike class on his Husaberg FS570. Third fastest overall time went to Shitz Stark on his Polaris, who also won the UTV 1 class. Congrats to all!   PG
15:17   California Rally Series Class winners for Sunday  
Today's regional CRS class winners are: Open 4WD: Mitchell Williams/Alix Hakala CRS-2: Dave Henderson/Terry McDowell CRS GT: Alex Rademacher/ Nick Clark Performance Stock: Jen Imai/Terry Stonecipher Congratulations!   PG
15:06   Pacific Northwest Rally Championship class winners  
Today's PNWRC class winners are: Open: Mitchell Williams/Alix Hakala Super Production: Byron Garth/Jason Grahn Group 2: Dave Henderson/Terry McDowell Open Lite: Alex Rademacher/Nick Clark Congrats to all!   PG
15:02   Dave Henderson/T.McDowell Mazda wins 2WD  
Dave Henderson and T. McDowell repeated yesterday's excellent performance, winning the regional PNWRC Group 2 class and the regional CRS class for today. They also were overall weekend winners for the national USRC class, Open 2WD. Congratulations!   PG
13:38   Mitchell Williams wins USRC and today's regionals  
Byron Garth had almost no brakes going down the long final stage, Harris Creek, and gave up both the win and even second place. Mitch Williams/Alix Hakala put in a blazing time for the stage to take the overall and Open AWD win, as well as the PNWRC Open Class and CRS Open 4WD Class wins. Chris and Lori O'Driscoll's stage time was only two seconds slower for a fine second place finish overall and in the same classes. Byron Garth still takes the win in the USRC National class, Production AWD, and today's PNWRC Open Class.   PG
13:12   Wildlife in the Idaho woods  
No, the wildlife AFTER the rally will be down at the VFW Hall in Boise, where the awards will take place. However, bike rider Jerry Brown had to dodge a coyote on stage 9!   PG
12:52   Will Byron Garth hold onto his lead on the last stage?  
In spite of poor rear brakes, Byron Garth's Production AWD Subaru has managed to stay ahead of Mitch Williams and Chris O'Driscoll's Open AWD class Subarus today. The final stage today is a LONG downhill and having brakes when you need them will be critical. The Garth/Grahn overall lead in the USRC national (two-day) event is only 9 seconds over Mitch Williams - will he be able to keep it?   PG
11:33   Mid-rally break  
There is currently a pause in the rally after two stages to position road block personnel from Grimes Pass North stage on Alder Creek South stage. The weather is mostly sunny (with spectacular clouds), so the rallyists can expect the continued excellent traction if the rain has finished for the weekend.   PG
10:59   Comparison between Rally Moto and Rally car times  
It's hard to imagine that UTVs, ATVs, and dirt bikes under 800 cc could post times as fast as many of the rally cars - but that's the case! Charles Buren's time on his ATV on Stage 2 would have put him sixth fastest in the car event, without benefit of roll cage or protection from the mud in places. We also suspect he was working a lot harder (as are all the Rally Moto entrants) than the rally car drivers to put down such a fast time!   PG
10:14   Trio at top of Idaho Rally continue to battle it out  
In spite of rear brake problems, Byron Garth posted fastest time on Stage 2, Grimes Pass North, and stayed in first place in both today's regionals and the two-day USRC national. Chris O'Driscoll picked up the pace and beat Mitchell Williams by 3 seconds on that stage, moving up to second in the regional by just one second.   PG
09:59   Charles Buren continues speedy ways in Rally Moto event  
Charles Buren on his ATV Sport YFZ 450 continues to post fastest overall times in the Rally Moto event. Rally Moto scores have been re-posted on rallydata.com to reflect the overall two-day combined scores, although trophies will also be given for individual day wins.   PG
09:30   Layne/Taylor Covert unable to continue  
Layne Covert has been unable to fix his problem and is getting towed to the finish of Stage 1 by Sweep. More to come if we find out details.   PG
09:16   Byron Garth experiencing brake problems  
The Byron Garth/Jason Grahn Subaru WRX finished stage 1 with smoking rear brakes. He expects continued rear brake failure and has asked to be moved to third on the road at the re-seed currently underway before stage 2. It will be interesting to see if he will be able to continue his blistering pace - he won the first stage today by 8 seconds over Mitchell Williams.   PG
09:04   Harris Creek nabs two more cars with flat tires  
Harris Creek, today's Stage 1, seems incredibly smooth but two more cars have had to stop with flat tires on stage: Dustin Embrey/Jeffrey Stoner lost over ten minutes but finished. Car 19, Layne and Taylor Covert, is still reported working on the tire at this point, mid-stage.   PG
08:46   Jeff Price's event start  
It is reported that the Jeff Price/Kieran Wright Impreza started Stage 1 today but immediately pulled over to fix a flat. He has now continued but Jen Imai had already started, so he has lost at least two minutes.   PG
08:20   Idaho Rally continues with Day 2  
The Idaho Rally continued with an on-time start this morning. 20 cars are listed on the start order - Erik Schmidt and Jeff Price are running the USRC national event under Super Rally rules, allowing them to continue with extra penalties from stages missed yesterday. The regional PNWRC and CRS events are new events starting this morning. The Rally Moto event started seven entrants - Brent Heck, who ran yesterday, is not entered today.   PG
16:55   Jerry Brown wins Under 800 Bike class for Saturday  
Jerry Brown on his Husaberg FS570 has won the Under 800 class for today's Rally Moto event with the second fastest overall time, 59 minutes 33 seconds. Congratulations to Jerry!   PG
16:51   Jerry Brown wins Under 800 Bike class for Saturday  
Jerry Brown on his Husaberg FS570 has won the Under 800 class for today's Rally Moto event with the second fastest overall time, 59 minutes 33 seconds. Congratulations to Jerry!   PG
16:48   Charles Buren wins ATV Sport class, fastest Rally Moto event entrant  
Charles Buren has won Day 1 in the ATV Sport Class and has the fastest overall time of all the Rally Moto entrants today, 57 minutes 46 seconds. Congrats!   PG
16:42   Jen Imai and Terry Stonecipher win CRS Performance Stock  
Jen Imai's Suzuki Swift has been giving her problems all day (not sure what kind yet) but she persevered to win CRS P-Stock!   PG
16:39   Stark and Heck tie for Day 1 win in UTV 1 class!  
Shitz Stark and Brent Heck have been battling all day for the Day 1 lead/win in UTV 1 class. They ended the day in a dead tie with a time of 59 minutes 36 seconds.   PG
16:36   Greer/Greer win Open Lite for Saturday Regional  
Correction! Steve and Kelly Greer's Subaru Impreza won Open Lite for today's PNWRC Regional. Daniel Rockrohr finished second in that class but won the California Rally Series CRS-GT class.   PG
16:31   Daniel Rockrohr/Eve Thomason win regional classes  
The Rockrohr Subaru Impreza has won Open Lite and CRS GT for the Saturday Regional. Congrats!   PG
16:25   Jon Burke looking for a tow back to hotel!  
Fortunately for Jon Burke, today's rally ended at the Stop Control at the last stage, Harris Creek West, stage 6. He has a blown turbo and is looking for a tow back to the hotel from the sweep crews.   PG
16:14   Problems and mishaps on Stage 6  
Alex Rademacher/ Nick Clark wound up in the ditch (driver's side??!!) on Stage 6 and lost about six minutes. Jon Burke pulled in at the finish in CLOUDS of turbo oil smoke.   PG
16:06   Dave Henderson/T.McDowell Mazda is top 2WD car!  
The Henderson/McDowell Mazda 3 took a solid lead in the USRC Open 2WD class and won Group 2 and CRS-2 in the regional events - also finishing a fine fifth overall. Congrats!   PG
15:57   Mitch Williams pulls into the lead and the Day 1 win!  
The Mitch Williams/Alix Hakala team has been pushing Byron Garth/Jason Grahn all day and finally stood just four seconds behind at the start of the last stage today. The Wiliams Subaru, Open AWD, won the stage by nine seconds and thus the overall Day 1 Idaho Rally event. Byron Garth's WRX still won the Production AWD class.   PG
15:09   Barb Stark finally able to pick up the pace  
Barb Stark has finally sorted out the problems on her YZF 450 (ATV Sport class) and posted a winning stage time on Alder Creek, stage 5. That's STAGE time overall for the Rally Moto entrants, not just class time....   PG
15:03   Close battle between UTV leaders!  
With only one more stage in today's event, Shitz Stark on his Polaris (who has actually been leading his UTV 1 class throughout the rally despite an erroneous report otherwise here, earlier) is still just 13 seconds ahead of Brent Heck on his R2RXP 900.   PG
14:10   Road conditions improve with a bit of rain  
Rallyists finishing Alder Creek the second time (stage 5) report that in spite of a few slick spots, the slight drizzle for the past two hours has improved traction on the stage (at least for the front runners!).   PG
13:56   Change to stages for remainder of Day 1  
The re-running of Grimes Pass as Stage 4 has been cancelled. The entrants have been conducted via caravan backwards on Alder Creek Stage then turned around to run Alder Creek as Stage 5. The stage has just started so scores will be coming in shortly before 3:00 PM.   PG
13:09   Jeff Price plans to continue to run  
Jeff Price and Kieran Wright put their Impreza off the road on Stage 2 and sustained some damage, but the car is still able to run. They plan to continue running now that they have had some time in service, and in spite of accruing lengthy stage times.   PG
11:57   Car 19 finishes Stage 3 with flair (or blare)  
The Subaru Impreza RS of Layne Covert/Taylor Covert finished Stage 3 with a flourish: the horn was stuck "on" - loudly....   PG
11:45   Close battle among top 3 at mid-point  
After the first three stages, the cars are returning to Placerville for the mid-rally service. Only 15 seconds separates the first three cars, but Byron Garth's Production AWD Subaru is hanging on to first place by 9 seconds over Mitchell Williams Subaru Impreza. Chris O'Driscoll's Open AWD Subaru rounds out the top three,   PG
11:16   Car 7 to continue under Super Rally  
Car 7, Erik Schmidt and Jeremy Wimpey, went off road on Stage 2 and broke the right front brake caliper. They have arrived at service in Placerville and are repairing the car. They plan to continue the event under USRC Super Rally rules, which give them a penalty for any stages they did not complete. They will DNF the regional events, unfortunately.   PG
10:59   Rally Moto Class leaders  
Charles Buren leads the Rally Moto event and his ATV Sport class on a YFZ 450; Jerry Brown has second fastest time and is leading the Under 800 Bike class on a Husaberg FS570; first UTV 1 driver and fourth fastest time is Brent Heck on his R2RXP 900.   PG
10:44   Jack Stark rolls his UTV but finishes Stage 2  
UTV driver Jack Stark rolled his CanAm Camador on Stage 2, Grimes Pass, but with some help from bystanders was able to get it back upright and finish the stage.   PG
10:16   Car 18 off on Stage 2  
Following cars report that car 18, Jeff Price and Kieran Wright, is off on the side of Stage 2, Grimes Pass, showing an OK sign. We're waiting to hear more news.   PG
09:58   Car 7 off to side of stage 2  
Car 7, Erik Schmidt and Jeremy Wimpey, are reported off to the side of Stage 2 with an OK sign out - no report yet on why.   PG
09:40   Correction to time for Car 11  
Car 11, Chris and Charles Caylor, started a minute earlier than on logs so their time has been adjusted from 13:28 to 14:28.   PG
09:19   Rally Moto event has started  
The ATV Sport driven by Bard Stark is reported at the side of Stage 1 with an OK sign and will hopefully be able to continue as reported by the following ATV.   PG
08:59   Byron Garth's Production Subaru leads after Stage 1  
Byron Garth won the first stage, Harris Creek, by 4 seconds over Chris O'Driscoll's Open AWD Subaru WRX, an impressive start for a production car.   PG
08:47   Idaho Rally is Underway!  
The Idaho Rally started on time with 20 cars in the rally event and 8 Rally Moto entrants.   PG
0:00   Live Text Overview  
The Idaho Rally will be our second attempt at uploading nearly live text during the rally. While similar to twitter updates (which we will also be doing). live text allows more text. Live text is also available directly on RallyData.com. So come back on Saturday morning June 18 and check it out.   MG