2011 High Desert Trails Rally - Nearly Live Text
21:17   Results are now final  
The results are now final as of 9:15 PM   MG
19:30   Top 7 - Provisional Results  
Top 7 after SS 8 with road Points: Holmes Leads, Hoche-M +3.68, Doganis +0.42, Okcuogl +0.22, Szanto +0.27, Okcuogl +0.72, Willems +0.31 #rallyscores   MG
19:16   Gaylord DNFs  
Gaylord Van Brocklin has DNFed since he did not make it to the final MTC. This is a real shame since he was sitting 2nd overall and first in CRS-2 before rolling after the Finish of stage 8.   MG
19:09   Chuck Wilson DNFs  
Chuck Wilson has failed to start stage 8 for unknown mechanical reasons   MG
18:40   Top 7 after SS 8  
Top 7 after SS 8: Holmes Leads, Van Bro +3.57, Hoche-M +0.11, Doganis +0.42, Okcuogl +0.22, Szanto +0.27, Okcuogl +0.72 #rallyscores   MG
18:38   Gaylord Rolls  
Gaylord Van Brocklin rolled after the flying finish on stage 8. Hakan Okcuoglu spun at the same location.   MG
18:25   Top 7 after SS 7  
Top 7 after SS 7: Holmes Leads, Hoche-M +3.23, Van Bro +0.04, Doganis +0.37, Okcuogl +0.04, Szanto +0.39, Okcuogl +0.47 #rallyscores   MG
18:23   Hamblin stopped on stage 7  
Brian Hamblin has been reported stopped on stage 7. Just in looks like they are moving again.   MG
18:19   CRS-2 Battle  
Gaylord posted a great time on stage 7 beating Michel by .25 min. This cuts Michel's lead to only .04 min (about 2 sec). With only one stage left this is going to be close.   MG
17:59   Cars at Turn Around  
The cars have just finished the turn around and are now running on stage 7.   MG
17:15   Top 7 after SS 6  
Top 7 after SS 6: Holmes Leads, Hoche-M +2.91, Van Bro +0.19, Okcuogl +0.12, Doganis +0.05, Okcuogl +0.36, Szanto +0.03 #rallyscores   MG
17:00   Top 7 after SS 5  
Top 7 after SS 5: Holmes Leads, Hoche-M +2.32, Van Bro +0.14, Okcuogl +0.04, Doganis +0.27, Okcuogl +0.23, Szanto +0.08   MG
16:51   CRS-5 battle for 2nd  
While Bill Holmes holds a commanding lead in CRS-5, Jack Szanto has just extended his lead over Brian Hamblin by .14 min on stage 5. So Jack now holds a .46 min lead on Brian.   MG
16:42   CRS-2 battle heats up  
Michel Hoche-Mong just beat Gaylord Van Brocklin by .23 min on stage 5, taking the lead in CRS-2. by .14 min. George Doganis lies .31 min behind Gaylord.   MG
16:21   Cars Leaving Service  
After an incident with a motorcycle that caused the cancellation of Stage 4, the cars are now leaving the service area for stage 5. The hope is to run all 4 remaining stages before sunset.   MG
12:52   Top 7 after SS 3  
Top 7 after SS 3: Holmes Leads, Chernis +0.26, Okcuogl +1.70, Van Bro +0.11, Hoche-M +0.09, Doganis +0.01, Okcuogl +0.06   MG
12:50   Carnes down on power  
Michael Carnes is down on power. He suspects a vacuum leak, which he will be checking in service after stage 4.   MG
12:46   Tight CRS-2 Battle  
Van Brocklin leads CRS-2 followed by Hoche-Mong by .09 min with Doganis only .01 min behind Hoche-Mong.   MG
12:43   Hamblin chasing Szanto  
Brian Hamblin beat Jack Szanto by .19 min on SS 3, leaving him on .32 min behind. So we may have a battle for CRS-5 before the day is over.   MG
12:37   Hoche-Mong has trouble  
Michel Hoche-Mong stalled at the start of SS3 but was only .06 min slower than Gaylord. This is going to be a very interesting battle.   MG
12:18   Fiorelli down on power  
Eddie Fiorelli's engine is missing at high RPMs and as such is down on power.   MG
11:34   Hull finishes Stage 1  
Roger Hull has finished stage 1 after having fuel pump problems.   MG
11:30   Top 7 after SS 2  
Top 7 after SS 2: Holmes Leads, Chernis +0.21, Okcuogl +0.96, Okcuogl +0.15, Doganis +0.21, Van Bro +0.15, Hoche-M +0.03   MG
11:30   Hull Stopped on stage 1  
Roger Hull has stopped on stage 1, but was able to get going again.   MG
11:13   Hoche-Mong & VanBrocklin  
Michel and Gaylord tied on stage 1 with 10.87, and Gaylord then beat Michel by .03 min on stage 2.   MG
11:07   Top 7 after SS 1  
Top 7 after SS 1: Holmes Leads, Chernis +0.07, Okcuogl +0.63, Okcuogl +0.08, Hoche-M +0.19, Van Bro +0.00, Doganis +0.03   MG
10:48   Plsek has problem  
George Plsek is stopped on stage 1 between road block 2 and road block 3 at this point we don't know the nature of the problem.   MG
09:53   Rally About to start  
There are 26 cars in Parc Expose ready to start the rally at 10:00 AM. Its a clear cool day with a small amount of wind which should be just enough to eliminate any potential dust problems.   MG
0:00   Live Text Overview  
High Desert Trails will be our first attempt at uploading nearly live text during the rally. While similar to twitter updates (which we will also be doing). live text allows more text. Live text is also available directly on RallyData.com. So come back around 11 AM on Saturday morning and check it out.   MG