2011 Gorman Ridge Rally - Nearly Live Text
23:19   Results are now Final  
Congratulations to all finishers: Top 7 after SS 16: William Leads, Chernis +0.88, Okcuogla +4.37, Ekinaka +0.44, Samuelian +1.43, Rademacher +0.53, T. Chavez +4.09   MG
22:17   Lane still flying in the dark!  
Sean Lane tied John Rood for the 2wd stage win on stage 16, despite still not having a light pod. John Rood wins Crs-2, with Lane taking 2nd.   EC
22:15   Tony Chavez wins P-Stock  
Tony gives up 12 seconds to Rood on stage 16, but holds on to the 2wd overall win   EC
22:11   Murat Okcuglu stays in 3rd  
Okcuglu loses almost half a minute to Ekinaka on the last stage when he collected some shrubbery, but holds on to the final podium spot   EC
22:08   Williams wins stage 16 despite bloody nose!  
Is our provisional rally winner.   EC
21:57   Only one stage left!  
Williams leads Chernis by 43 seconds. Okcuglu is in 3rd 49 seconds back, followed by CRS-GT leader Ekinaka 54 seconds behind Okcuglu. T. Chavez leads P-Stock and 2wd overall. CRS-2 leader John Rood is 1:12 behind Tony.   EC
21:50   Ekinaka fights back on stage 15  
He takes 10 seconds out of Okcuglu's hold on the final podium spot. Okcuglu leads by 54 seconds with only one stage left.   EC
21:44   Williams extends lead  
On stage 15 Mitchell Williams extended his lead over Doug Chernis to 43 seconds.   MG
21:43   Lane still setting fast times despite not having his light pod  
He added 24 seconds to his lead over Chuck Wilson for second place in CRS-2 on stage 14   EC
21:40   Rood reports stages are getting rough  
He came into the fdinish of stage 14 saying the stages are getting soft and breaking down. He still leads CRS-2 with 2 stages remaining   EC
21:35   T. Chavez is fastest 2wd on stage 14  
He now leads Rood by 1:18.   EC
21:32   Okcuglu not willing to relinquish podium spot  
After losing time to Ekinaka on the last few stages, Okcuglu beats him by 7 seconds on stage 14. He leads Ekinaka by almost a minute with two stages left.   EC
21:29   Williams extends his lead on stage 14  
Mitch Williams won stage 14 by 12 seconds. He now leads the rally by 37 seconds over Doug Chernis with only 2 stages left.   EC
21:12   Cars are getting ready to start stage 14  
Just 3 stages left. Keep watchingf for updates as they happen.   EC
20:27   Lack of lightpod not holding back Lane  
He beat fellow CRS-2 competitor Chuck Wilson by 10 seconds on stage 13 despite loising their light pod.   EC
20:05   more on Jen's Roll  
Jen and Terrdogg say they were trying to clear the canyon when the "Dukes of Hazard" horn broke and they rolled instead...   MG
20:03   Ekinaka keeps pushing  
He beat Rademacher by 9 seconds on stage 12 and is slowly gaining on Okcuglu in 3rd overall.   EC
20:00   Chernis wins stage 12  
Despite being second on the road in the dark, Doug Chernis beat Mitch Williams on stage 12. It's not enough to move into first, but Williams' lead is down to 28 seconds.   EC
19:56   Lane heads into night stages withought light pod  
Sean Lane is in second place in CRS-2, but the team lost their light pod on the last stage. They lead Chuck Wilson by one minute, but Chuck will be looking to close that gap now that the sun has set.   EC
19:50   T. Chavez leads P-Stock and 2wd overall  
Tony Chavez is the fastest 2wd car by over a minute. He leads CRS-2 competitor John Rood by over a minute. John still refuses to take the bait, and says he is focused on CRS-2.   EC
19:48   Ekinaka still leads Rademacher in CRS-GT  
Ekinaka lost some time on stage 10, but went on to beat Rademacher on stage 10. Ekinaka is in fourth place overall, behind three turbo cars in his normally aspirated 2.5 RS.   EC
19:45   Williams leads by 30 seconds  
Mitch Williams has a lead of 30 seconds over Chernis going into stage 12, but is complaining of power problems. Chernis doesn't think he can catch lliams without him making a mistake or having issues. Meanwhile Okcuglu is comfortably in 3rd.   EC
19:30   Lane loses light pod on stage 11  
The team lost their light pod on stage 11, which was then run over by Chuck Wilson. The sun is about to set, so they plan to take it easy.   EC
19:19   Lane losses light pod  
Sean Lane lost his light pod on stage 11. He says it just flew off.   MG
19:16   Akdeniz blows turbo hose  
Cem Akdeniz blew his turbo hose on stage 10.   MG
19:13   Ekinaka holding off Rademacher  
Rademacher beat Ekinaka on stage 10, but only by .03. Ekinaka still has a lead of over 50 seconds.   EC
19:11   Jen Rolls  
Jen Imai has done a slow roll on Stage 10. Both Jen and Terry are OK.   MG
19:09   imai breaks axle on stage 10  
It sounds like Jen Imai's repairs did not work out well. Her car is reported stopped on stage 10 with a broken axle.   EC
19:05   Top 7 after Stage 10  
Top 7 after SS 10: William Leads, Chernis +0.50, Okcuogl +2.45, Ekinaka +1.36, Samueli +0.10, Rademac +0.76, Chavez +1.40 #rallyscores   MG
19:03   Imai replaced axle in service  
The team found a torn axle boot on her Suzuki so they replaced the axle before it failed on stage. Otherwise the car is doing well and the team is having fun.   EC
19:00   Rood focused on CRS-2  
Says he's not going to let P-Stock driver Tony Chavez goad him into making a mistake, and is concentrating on CRS-2 today.   EC
18:59   CORRECTION  
Rademacher says he is NOT going to go big over the jumps. So don't worry Burke. He plans to return the struts in pristine condition.   EC
18:57   Chavez leading P-Stock and 2wd overall  
Says he was surprised at the pace of everyone today, so he turned up the heat on the last few stages.   EC
18:55   Rademacher's car back in top form with borrowed suspension  
After he collapsed a strut on stage 5 this morning, Rademacher limped his car through four stages to make it to service. He did not have a spare, but was able to borrow a replacement from Jon Burke who withdrew with tranny problems. Alex says he's going to "go big" over the jumps since the rear struts are Jon's...   EC
18:52   Ekinaka leads CRS-GT at the break  
He hopes to hold off a charging Rademacher in the night stages. He put some blue tape on the top of his windshield to combat the setting sun as the cars run downhill on stage 10. The team will pull it off for the night stages.   EC
18:49   Chernis hopes to match pace with Williams  
Says the gap to first is too big to catch Williams, but will be ready to capitalize if Williams makes a mistake.   EC
18:46   Williams has a comfortable lead at mid-rally  
Leads Chernis by 24 seconds, says he's going to keep it smooth all the way to the finish.   EC
17:53   Leg 2 Ready to start  
13 teams will be restarting leg 2 of the CRS Rally. With "Super Rally" 16 teams will be restarting the USRC event. First car will leave the MTC at the Holiday Inn at 6:20 PM with stage 10 starting at 6:42 PM. With only 24 seconds separating Williams and Chernis and 7 more stages, it could be either team taking the win. In the CRS classes Jon Rood has a healthy lead with over 1 minute on Sean Lane who is only 28 seconds ahead of Chuck Wilson, so that could be close too.   MG
16:10   Rademacher's problems continue  
Alex Rademacher finished stage 9 with his muffler dragging on the ground.   MG
16:05   Tight CRS-2 battle  
After 8 stages Sean Lane and Chuck Wilson are battling it out for 2nd in CRS-2, with only 13 seconds separating them. Sean is currently in the lead - stay tuned.   MG
15:57   Cem Akdeniz DNF  
I appears that Cem Akdeniz's turbo problem has stopped him since he did not start stage 8.   MG
15:54   Black stopped on stage 8  
It has been reported that John Black is stopped on Stage 8 and may be a DNF.   MG
15:45   Black low on power  
John Black was low on power on stage 7. We will need to wait and see how it effects his times.   MG
15:41   Cem Akdeniz has turbo problem  
It has been reported that Cem Akdeniz had turbo problems on stage 7 and is limping along.   MG
15:38   Chernis had a big moment on stage 8  
Hit a waterbar at 90mph and the car flew up in the air at a steep angle. They nailed the landing and beat Williams by 0.03 on the stage   EC
15:36   Ekinaka moves into CRS-GT lead  
Pulls ahead of Rademacher after stage 7.   EC
15:23   Rademacher limping through the last 2 stages before service  
Said his car is handling tricky but managable. The left rear is locked at full compression. Says he is babying it over the jumps.   EC
15:12   stage 6 claims three cars  
Olivares, Nelson and A. Chavez are all stopped on stage 6 with mechanical problems. All drivers and co-drivers are okay. They will park the cars and spectate the last running on Maxey.   EC
14:59   Hoche-Mong out again  
Has trouble starting stage 6 and heads back to service.   EC
14:55   Ekinaka moves up the leaderboard  
Ekinaka sets a fast time on stage 6 and moves into 5th overall. He beat fellow CRS-GT competitor Rademacher by quite a bit. Rademacher's suspension problems may be costing him time.   EC
14:33   T. Chavez stopped on transit to stage 6  
Team is looking for time card that blew out window!   EC
14:16   Williams still leads after stage 5  
Chernis not sure how he lost time, said they we flying over the water bars.   EC
14:14   Rademacher took a jump too big on stage 5  
Checking his suspension before starting stage 6.   EC
14:07   Burke DNFs  
Jon Burke has DNFed in service with a cracked transmission case.   MG
13:20   Tony Chavez makes good on his promise  
He moves into the 2wd overall lead after stage 4. Rood is 4 seconds back.   EC
13:15   Car 15 DNFs  
Javier Olivares has DNFed on stage 3 with a broken half shaft or maybe two. They are currently in service and are working on it and hope to fun run after service.   MG
12:59   car blocks stage 3  
Car 15 Olivares broke down on stage3 blocking the stage. Other competitors had to push it out of the way to contenue   MG
12:56   T. Chavez and John Black tied for P-Stock lead  
Tony says he not only wants to win P-Stock, but 2wd overall as well.   EC
12:48   Performance stock  
Black leads Chaves by .01 min after stage 3 This could be a dog fight to the finish   MG
12:47   T. Chavez and John Black tied for P-Stock lead  
Tony says he not only wants to win P-Stock, but 2wd overall as well.   EC
12:41   Al Chavez stopped on stage 2  
Al Chavez has had trouble on stage 2 and is stopped toward the end of stage 2.   MG
12:36   Williams/Greek still leading after stage 3  
The report their car is running well and having a good time despite the heat.   EC
12:35   Burke taking it easy  
He is concerned about his diff so he is not pushing. Is happy with his current third place standing, and says his goal is to finish in front of Rademacher.   EC
12:33   Chernis playing with tire pressures  
He did not expect as much of a pressure increase and has been letting air out. His strategy seems to be working as he won stage 3 overall and is just 10 seconds out of 1st   EC
12:06   Rademacher and Okcuglu are tied after stage 2  
The teams were within 1/100 of a minute on each stage!   EC
12:01   De La Trinidad broke throttle cable on stage 1  
De La Trinidad broke their throttle cable on stage 1 and lost a lot of time making repairs on stage. They are ready to start stage 2 and are having fun.   EC
11:59   Wilson has a "moment"  
Wilson/Estep had a "moment" on stage 1 but otherwise they are without any issues and having fun.   EC
11:55   De la Tinidad has trouble on stage 1  
Rene De la Trinidad appears to have lost 6 minutes on the first stage. The reason for the lost time is unknown.   MG
11:52   Burke turns up the wick  
Jon Burke turned it up on stage two moving up into third overall.   MG
11:50   Williams takes the lead  
Mitchell Williams bested Doug Chernis by 14 seconds on stage 2 and now has the lead.   MG
11:44   CRS Class leaders  
After stage 1 Doug Chernis leads Open 4wd, Alex Rademacher leads CRS GT, Jon Rood leads CRS-2 and John Blck leads Performance stock.   MG
11:41   Tony Chavez having a blast!  
Tony Chavez is having a great time as usual. No problems to report as they wait to start stage 2.   EC
11:39   Rademacher/Yi having fun  
Alex Rademacher is having a blast on the jumps on stage 1. He is sitting 1 second behind Hakan Okcuglu.   EC
11:36   Burke taking it easy  
Jon Burke is easing into the Gorman rally, pacing himself and sacraficing a few seconds to the leaders   EC
11:33   Chernis leads after stage 1  
Doug Chernis (car 2) leads Mitchell Williams (car 1) by .01 minute (.6 sec) after stage 1.   MG
11:33   Williams clearing the road  
Mitch Williams said the first stage was a bit slippery as he cleared off some of the loose sand. Chernis took advantage and beat Williams by one second, saying it did not feel as slick for him.   EC
11:26   Michel Hoche-Mong fails to start stage 1  
Car 6 Michel Hoche-Mong has had fuel problems and was not able to start stage 1. We do not know whether he will be able to fix it before he is time barred or not.   MG
11:22   Jihn Dillon is a DNS  
John Dillon was not able to start the rally due to a serious sounding knock in the motor. John is going to be working as a volunteer on the Maxey stage.   MG
11:16   Stage 1 is active  
The first stage has started on time at 11:13. The first car on the road is Mitch Williams.   MG
0:00   Live Text Overview  
We will be doing "nearly live text" from the Gorman Ridge Rally as the action unfolds during the rally. While similar to twitter updates (which we will also be doing). live text allows more detailed description of what's happening. Live text is also available directly on RallyData.com. So come back on Saturday Aug 27 and check it out.   MG