2019 Gorman Ridge Rally
Live Text
Sat, 21:12   Munger with bad clutch
Tyler Munger struggled to finish the last stage with a bad clutch, but he was able to finish the last stage.   Mike G.
Sat, 21:02   Mclennan withdraws
It has been reported that Kyle Mclennan has a broken transmission and will not run the last stage.   Mike G.
Sat, 20:55   Okcuoglu stopped on stage
Hakan Okcuoglu is stopped on the last stage with the OK sign out. UPDATE: We now know that he broke his steering box and is a DNF.   Mike G.
Sat, 20:33   Last Stage Starting
Zero car has finished the last stage (Powerline Long North) and the first rally car is about to start, so scores should start showing up in just over 10 minutes.   Mike G.
Sat, 18:27   Fienhage holes oil pan
Travis Fiendhage has withdrawn with a hole in his oil pan, probably as a result of loosing his skid plate and not being able to get it remounted.   Mike G.
Sat, 18:08   Stage 10 Hot
Zero car has finished stage 10 (Wheatfield Powerline) and declared the stage hot, so the first car will be starting soon.   Mike G.
Sat, 18:03   LeSage Withdraws
It has been reported that Scott LeSage will not be starting Stage 10 (Wheatfield - Powerline). Apparently he took the BIG Jump TOO BIG and collapsed his rear suspension.   Mike G.
Sat, 17:15   Powerline is Hot
Stage 9 - Powerline Wheatfield is now hot and the first car just started, so scores will begin showing up in about 10 minutes   Mike G.
Sat, 16:58   Powerline getting set up
There are 16 cars are getting ready to start the Powerline - Wheatfield stage. The first car is scheduled to start at 4:58 PM.   Mike G.
Sat, 15:22   Shalev withdraws?
Danny Shalev didn't start stage 8 (North Boundary II) so we are thinking they have withdrawn, but don't know why at this point. Rumor is that there is some sort of a problem with the fuel system,   Mike G.
Sat, 15:10   Munger off road
It has been reported that Tyler Munger is off the road on stage 8 North Boundary II, we will update once we know more.   Mike G.
Sat, 14:46   DeLaTrinidad withdraws?
Rene De La Trinidad hasn't shown up for the start of stage 7, Maxi CCW II, so we are guessing he has withdrawn.   Mike G.
Sat, 14:42   Munger hits something
Tyler Munger must have hit something on stage 7 Maxi, because he came into the finish with serious left front tire damage.   Mike G.
Sat, 13:49   Fienhage looses skid plate
Travis Fienhage knocked of his skid plate on stage 5 (Maxey CCW I), so he is now running without a skid plate.   Mike G.
Sat, 11:37   Tullio stopped
It has been reported that Brian Tullio is stopped on stage 2 with the OK sign displayed.   Mike G.
Sat, 11:18   Caballero having engine problems
Santiago Caballero is having engine problems at the start of stage 2 and is now heading back to service. Update: They got towed to service and after some diagnostics found that they have a stuck intake valve, so they will not be continuing. Second Update: Looks now like they ran out of gas, so they will at least be able to fun run.   Mike G.
Sat, 11:04   Manansala having engine problems
After stage 1 Ernie Manansala sounded like he was having engine problems (making popping noises) and is heading to service at this time. Update: They are in service now and report turbo problems, but right now it is to hot to get close to. Unfortunately they don't have a spare.   Mike G.
Sat, 10:45   First Stage is hot
The first stage (Badger) is now hot and cars are getting ready to start, so we should start getting scores soon. With a 1 minute spread between cars we will probably be uploading scores in groups of 2 or 3 cars at a time.   Mike G.
Sat, 00:13   21 Teams on the Start List
This year there are 18 cars and 3 UTVs on the start list. Leading the UTVs will be Stephan Verdier who currently holds the records for 3 of the 4 stages that are exact repeats this year. Rumor is he is going to be going all out to capture all of the stage records. Leading the cars will be David and Michael Brown (from Colorado) in an Open Lite car. It will be interesting to see how well they do on the tighter and twisty roads here at Gorman. Another interesting aspect of this year's event is that there are no less than 6 Performance Stock class cars. This has to be the most cars in this class for a very long time.   Mike G.
Sat, 00:03   Event Overview
This year's Gorman Ridge Rally will be running virtually the same schedule as last year. There will be two runnings of the Badger and Maxey CW stages, followed by a service. When the cars return to the stages they will run Maxey CCW followed by North Boundary twice before returning to service and an early dinner. The weather is expected to be sunny, with a high near 87 and a South wind from 5 to 15 mph. The evening will run Powerline to Wheatfied as a turnaround followed by service and then finally Powerline long as a turnaround. The evening is also expected to have a 5 to 10 MPH wind so hopefully dust won't be an issue.   Mike G.
Thu, 19:23   Overview
Live Text allows us to provide short updates during the event, so folks at home can get an idea of what is happening. So come back on Sat Aug 24 after the first stage starts (11 AM) and check out how it is going.   Mike G.