2018 Gorman Ridge Rally
Live Text
Sat, 22:32   2018 Gorman Ridge Rally is over!
Scores are now Final! Champagne spray and awards ceremony are about to commence. See you at the next one!   Christine M.
Sat, 22:00   2018 Gorman (Provisional) Results
PROVISIONAL RESULTS: SxS 147 (Sterckx/Harrell) has won the rally overall! 650 (Cochell/Luhrs) is the first car, 2nd overall but 1st in 4WD. Car 769 is 3rd overall and 1st in 2WD. TIED for 4th overall are Car 519 (Arboleda/Espinosa) and Car 313 (Northrop/Smith)!   Christine M.
Sat, 21:52   Car 136 and GRR is finished!
Car 136 has finished SS12 but also reported they were having clutch issues, so they were the last car to start the stage. They have now completed the rally (also as the last car). This completes all cars on SS12 and the 2018 Gorman Ridge Rally!   Christine M.
Sat, 21:46   Car 733 has completed SS12
After spinning out and getting stuck on a berm, the driver of car 733 (Morrison) got out a shovel and dug the car out enough to get unstuck and finish not only SS12, but the rally! Good job pressing on!   Christine M.
Sat, 21:41   Car 733 going again!
Car 733 has gotten off the berm and is continuing down the stage. Hoping to see them at the finish!   Christine M.
Sat, 21:39   Car 326 is DNF
Unfortunately it has been reported that car 326 (Baglin/Hakala) has substantial front damage (broken ball joint) and will not be able to continue on the stage under their own power. They are a DNF on the last stage.   Christine M.
Sat, 21:36   Car 11 completes SS12
Car 11 has completed SS12, but is also reporting having overheating issues. They are also happy to have completed the rally!   Christine M.
Sat, 21:33   Car 733 going for a spin
It has been reported the car 733 has spun out and was blocking the stage. Apparently they are now high centered on a berm, but no longer blocking the road. More details to come as reports come in.   Christine M.
Sat, 21:29   Car 769 heating up
Car 769 has finished SS12 with a time faster than the previous 2 cars that started ahead of them - but have also reported they were having overheating issues! They are happy to have completed the rally.   Christine M.
Sat, 21:23   Car 326 stopped on SS12
Car 650 has reported that car 326 (Baglin/Hakala) is stopped near the start of the stage displaying the OK sign. Hopefully 326 can get started again and complete the final stage of the rally.   Christine M.
Sat, 21:16   SxS first to complete SS12
SxS 147 has completed the final stage of 2018 Gorman Ridge Rally.   Christine M.
Sat, 21:11   SS11 Complete
All cars have completed SS11, the penultimate stage of the rally with no issues. SS12 is now underway. More updates to come as the rally finishes!   Christine M.
Sat, 19:12   Last car finishes SS10
Car 740 reported that they still have a low oil issue, but in addition their intercooler hose popped off and they had to repair that for SS10.   Christine M.
Sat, 19:03   Soft yet rough
It has been reported by several cars that the Powerline/Wheatfield stage is deteriorating in condition. Car 650 has reported that the road is getting sandy and rough. Car 769 has also reported that SS10 is very soft and rough. Car 603 reported that the last half mile of SS10 is getting very chewed up.   Christine M.
Sat, 19:02   Weather cooling off, but car heating up
It has been reported that car 11 is having overheating issues on SS10.   Christine M.
Sat, 18:47   Report from SS10
Car 326 reported that SS10 was a lot of fun, but they just can't keep up with the SxS (147).   Christine M.
Sat, 18:29   More updates from SS9 Finish
It has been reported that the electrical problems were to blame for car 215 having to stop so many times on the stage. The have now made it back to the service area and are a fun run DNF for the rest of the night. In addition, it was reported that car 740 is running low on oil and requested to move to back of pack for SS10.   Christine M.
Sat, 17:58   Fun Runs not so fun
It has been reported that Car 842 is now a fun run DNF, pulled off on the stage, displaying OK but definitely out for the rest of the night. It had also been reported that Car 215 had stopped multiple times on the stage, but is on the road again to complete SS9.   Christine M.
Sat, 17:29   Gorman continues into the night
All competitors, crews, and volunteers have enjoyed a great mid-rally break with a delicious tri-tip dinner. The 2018 GRR is now continuing into the evening stages and the first cars are just about to complete SS9!   Christine M.
Sat, 17:21   Fun Runs!
Cars 215 and 842 have fixed their car issues and decided to get some additional seat time and enjoy the rest of the rally with fun runs on the remaining stages.   Christine M.
Sat, 14:51   Car 319 more info - definately a DNF
Corbin Beu from Car 319 reports that his car is having fuel delivery issues, and that's why they were stuck on stage. Unfortunately they will not be able to continue with fun runs today. Looking forward to seeing you at Prescott, Corbin!   Christine M.
Sat, 14:48   Car 740 - Press on Regardless
Car 740 reported that they blew an injector on the transit to SS7 and had to stop (losing a lot of coolant but accruing some road points on the way). They have now completed SS7 with a great time and are continuing on to SS8!   Christine M.
Sat, 14:22   No brakes but fast time!
Car 136 reports that they are running with no front brakes! This is due to flat tire earlier in the day which took out a brake line. However, they still set the 2nd fastest time (tie for 2nd) on SS7!   Christine M.
Sat, 14:20   Slow times?
Car 740 had a bit of a slow time on SS6, possibly because they were catching car 301, but also potentially due to an injector which had popped loose. They jumped out after the control and got going again. Notably, car 301 also had a very slow time on that stage, possibly due to the other cars stuck on stage.   Christine M.
Sat, 13:58   SS6 issues - 842 is DNF
Hearing reports that cars 733 were 842 both stuck on stage. They were both tugged back onto the stage by sweep and car 733 is continuing on as they were just stuck on a berm. However, car 842 is now a DNF for the rally due to front suspension issues, possibly a-arm. Both teams are OK.   Christine M.
Sat, 13:42   Car 215 DNF
Car 215 was stopped on SS5, got tugged out and towed to service by sweep. The team will determine if they will continue with fun runs later in the day. Hopefully they will figure out any issues the car had while on stage.   Christine M.
Sat, 13:14   Car 215 Stopped on SS5
Car 215 Frederick Hatch & Charles Grabow are by "Block 11" and putting out triangles and displaying the OK sign.   Christine M.
Sat, 12:39   Car 319 DNF
Car 319 got stuck on SS4. Sweeps helped pull the car out but the team had to drive the reverse direction on the stage to get back to the service area. They made it back to service but only "half" on their own power. They are DNF for the rally but may decide to do some fun runs later in the day.   Christine M.
Sat, 12:29   SS4 updates
Car 603 had a "Moment" on SS4 and had to back up to get back onto the stage and continue. On the other hand, Car 828 had a great stage and can't say enough good things about their Porterfield brakes (sponsor shoutout!). :)   Christine M.
Sat, 12:21   Flat out racing
Car 136 reported realizing they had a flat tire towards the end of SS4. They still managed to complete the stage with a respectable stage time driving on the tire while it was losing air!   Christine M.
Sat, 11:49   Lost Time Card?
Steven Harrell placed his time card on a clipboard and put it under the seat, however when he got to the finish of stage 2 it took him a couple of minutes to fish it out.   Mike G.
Sat, 11:37   Munger loses Intercom
Tyler and Eli Munger reported that they have lost their intercom on stage 2 (Maxi I).   Mike G.
Sat, 11:29   Robinson low on power
Bret Robinson reported that he is low on power on stage 2 (Maxey) and was unable to get into 4th gear. He is afraid that he may be losing the engine. So we will have to watch this.   Mike G.
Sat, 11:28   Early issues
Car 326 had a spin and slight off-road excursion on SS2, but were able to complete the stage. SxS 493 was running on one cylinder on SS1 and completed the stage, but blew the engine on transit and are now being trailed back to service.   Christine M.
Sat, 11:18   Stage 1 complete!
All competitors have now successfully completed SS1: Badger I. SS2 is now also underway.   Christine M.
Sat, 10:39   Ready for Rally!?
The 2018 Gorman Ridge Rally has begun - first cars are starting and it is a beautiful day!   Christine M.