2015 Prescott Rally
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17:41   Update on Morris and Cowan DNF on last stage
Car 18, Bradley Morris / Douglas Nagy broke a half shaft on the last stage, knocking them out of their money paying position in 2WD. A similar fate hit car 769, Andrew Cowan / Ryan Dunham when one of the rear stub axles broke on their VW Jetta, also costing them a 2WD cash prize!   Erik C.
17:22   DeMasi gets the final money spot
Car 11, Gary DeMasi / Marie Boyd drove their Ford Ranger to an unofficial fifth place finish in 2WD, which is the final paying position for NASA's Two Wheel Drive Challenge.   Erik C.
17:20   Pilot 3rd, Palermo 4th in 2WD
In the final two wheel drive podium spot is car 124, Ray Piloto / Brock Palmer in their Chevy Sonic RS. And moving up to 4th place in 2wd are car 227, Chris Palermo / Andres Bautista after Morris and Cowan had problems on the last stage. As a reminder, 2WD pays cash prizes out to fifth place.   Erik C.
17:15   Benson wins Open Lite!
The battle in today's regional CRS event for Open Lite came down to the very last stage. Three teams had a realistic shot at the win, but car 312, Stephen Benson / Nicolas Renold held on to their lead by less than a minute over car 209, Jeffrey Price / Shane Erisoty . Just six hundredths of a minute behind them were car 409, Aaron Ekinaka / Louie Minette for third in Open Lite. What a race!   Erik C.
17:07   Morris and Cowan stopped on stage 12
car 18, Bradley Morris / Douglas Nagy and car 769, Andrew Cowan / Ryan Dunham are both stopped on the last stage with their OK signs displayed. UPDATE: Both are now confirmed DNFs   Mike G.
17:00   Jacquot / Pollard fourth overall
Car 54, Josh Jacquot / Pete Pollard had a smooth run in their Subaru to take the fourth spot overall. The finish must be a relief after Josh's last rally (Gorman) ended with his car teetering on the edge of a cliff while battling for the overall lead.   Erik C.
16:55   Millen wins Two Wheel Drive!
With an impressive third overall finish, car 99, the Toyota RAV4 of Ryan Millen / Christina Fate are the unofficial 2WD overall winners, which should put some cash in their pockets at the awards ceremony tonight thanks to the NASA Two Wheel Drive Challenge prize fund. Runners up in 2WD are Markus and Alicia Saarinen in their #773 Cooper Mini. The Saarinens have also claimed the top spot in the CRS-2 class for the day.   Erik C.
16:53   Duncan Smith is the unofficial overall winner!
With a clean run on the last two stages, car 971, Duncan Smith / Katherine Lindroth-Gendron are the unofficial overall winners of the two day event. Car 95, Tingwu Song / Mustafa Samli didn't let up the pressure though. Song/Samli won every stage today but it wasn't enough to make up the deficit from their brake problems last night. They will be rewarded with a solid overall win in today's CRS regional event.   Erik C.
15:43   DeMasi pressing on despite fuel issues
Car 11, Gary DeMasi / Marie Boyd report losing a gas can somewhere, but have been pressing on with a fuel mix that has kept their Ford Ranger running well.   Erik C.
15:42   Price driving with only 4 gears
Car 209, Jeffrey Price / Shane Erisoty is reporting that they lost fifth gear, but have been pressing on and still able to top out near 100mph.   Erik C.
15:33   Cowan service crew hard at work
Car #769, the VW Jetta of Andrew Cowan and Ryan Dunham is being worked on frantically during the last fifteen minute service. It's not clear what the problem is, but they are currently in the last money paying position (5th) for 2WD, with a narrow 0.15 minute lead over car #227 Chris Palermo with just two stages left this afternoon.   Erik C.
15:30   Benson comes into service with some body damage
Car 312, Benson / Renold arrived at service with some body damage to their Subaru. The team said they had an off road excursion through a ditch.   Erik C.
15:25   Saarinens literally flying!
Car 773, Markus and Alicia Saarinen report that the stages are so fast their Mini Cooper is catching air over crests, even ones that were not called out as jumps in their notes. They are looking forward to the last two stages.   Erik C.
15:20   Burden having too much fun
Richard Burden reported that he was having so much fun on Perkinville Rd that he almost wet himself.   Mike G.
15:11   Smith reporting brake trouble
Rally overall leader Duncan Smith, car #95, came into service reporting some minor brake issues in his Subaru. It sounds like it's taken care of and they should be good to go for the final two stages.   Erik C.
15:04   Millen holds on to 2WD lead
Car 99, Ryan Millen / Christina Fate continue to hold onto the 2wd lead (and 3rd overall) in their Toyota RAV4 after stage 10, although the Saarinens in second place picked up some time on that last stage. At almost two minutes, the gap will be difficult to close with only two stages left to run.   Erik C.
15:02   Song wins yet another stage
So far today Rick Song and Mustafa Samli in car #95 have won every stage today. They are leading today's regional event, but car 971, Duncan Smith / Katherine Lindroth-Gendron still have a lead of well over a minute. With only two stages remaining, there might not be enough rally left for Song to close the gap.   Erik C.
15:01   Olivares has electrical problem
car 256, Javier Olivares / Gian Castellanos have had an electrical problem with their fuel system on stage 9 (Witty Tom). Gian is holding the connections together as they are trying to finish the stage. UPDATE: It has been reported that they have now fixed their problem.   Mike G.
14:56   Benson breaks windshield
car 312, Stephen Benson / Nicolas Renold finished stage 10 with a broken windshield courtesy of the hood flying up on the transit.   Mike G.
14:50   Scott attempting to repair throttle cable
Brian Scott is hard at work trying to repair the throttle cable in his Datsun 240Z in an attempt to rejoin the rally. He has been spotted with his head under the dash and his feet up in the air.   Erik C.
14:48   Wages has engine damage
car 1, Eric Wages / Sarah Montplaisir started stage 10 with a rod knock. During the last stage they lost oil pressure. They are going to try to limp to service.   Mike G.
14:28   Song wins stage 9
Rick Song is still pushing, and collected another stage win on stage 9 in his #95 Mitsubishi Evo. He still has an almost two minute deficit to make up on leader Duncan Smith in his Subaru.   Erik C.
14:15   Lee / Irvin Withdraw
car 135, Brent Lee / Billy Irvin have had to withdraw since the car won't start. It appears to be some sort of electrical problem with the ECU or a sensor.   Mike G.
12:52   Egger loving rear wheel drive
Steven Egger was "smooth and sideways" in his rear wheel drive BMW on the last pass of Witty Tom.   Erik C.
12:46   Burden has broken transmission mount
Car 808, Richard Burden / Sean McElwain broke a transmission mount and repaired it with a ratchet strap. However, the strap got tangled with the engine belts. They are heading to service with a lot of work ahead of them during the lunch break.   Erik C.
12:40   Price looking forward to Witty Tom South
Car 209, Jeffrey Price / Shane Erisoty report that they are really looking froward to running Witty Tom in reverse, except for the section over the bridge, which they referred to as the "death cut."   Erik C.
12:35   Cowan / Dunham still smiling
The team in car 769, Andrew Cowan / Ryan Dunham are havning a blast and managed to take some time off the last pass of Witty Tom in the process.   Erik C.
12:33   Song too fast for his roof vent
Rick Song and Mustafa Samli in car 95 reported driving so fast on that last stage their roof vent flew off! Drivers are claiming hitting speeds of 118mph.   Erik C.
12:26   Lost and Found
Car 124, Ray Piloto / Brock Palmer took advantage of the transit through stage 7 to stop and pick up the bumper they lost the last time through!   Erik C.
12:22   Olivares relaxed and fast
Car 256, Javier Olivares / Gian Castellanos was so relaxed on the transit they almost took a nap, but when it came time to race they were .1 minutes faster than the last pass through Witty Tom North.   Erik C.
12:20   Benson battling intercom problems
Car 312 is having intercom issues. They sorted it out as best they could on the transit, but while the driver can still hear the navigator he can't talk back.   Erik C.
12:12   Millen and Saarinen tie on stage 8
The top two 2WD teams set identical times on stage 8. Markus Saarinen, car 773 said he brought the wrong transmission, and has been spending a lot of time at redline in top gear. They still are loving the roads despite the handicap.   Erik C.
12:04   Song still moving fast
Car 95, Tingwu Song / Mustafa Samli are still setting the pace, improving on their time from earlier this morning on stage 8, and closing the gap to car 971, Duncan Smith / Katherine Lindroth-Gendron.   Erik C.
11:27   Stage 7 Thrown
Stage 7 (Perkinsville East II) has been thrown. There was a problem with hunters on the stage and after a delay the organizers decided to throw the stage.   Mike G.
10:45   Piloto lost his bumper
Car 124, Ray Piloto / Brock Palmer came into this morning's service missing a rear bumper, but the team has no idea where it fell off.   Erik C.
10:44   Hurst has to Withdraw
Mike Hurst's team is frantically trying to repair a cracked radiator during this morning's 15 minute service. UPDATE: Unfortunately car 82, Mike Hurst / Michel Hoche-Mong have withdrawn being unable to repair their broken radiator.   Erik C.
10:33   Consensus is stages are fast!
Back in service, most teams are talking about how fast the stages are, and how much they love driving them without the dust from last night.   Erik C.
10:30   Burden loving Prescott!
Richard Burden in car 808 called Prescott's stages "beautiful," and says it's the best rally he has run this year.   Erik C.
10:29   Song sets the pace
Car 95, Tingwu Song / Mustafa Samli are flying this morning. The team won both of this morning's stages, but still have over two minutes to make make up on leader Duncan Smith after their brake problems last night.   Erik C.
10:23   Palermo likes having brakes!
Chris Palermo of car #227 says this morning's stages were his favorite so far. The fact that his brakes have been fixed after losing a pad last night probably helped!   Erik C.
10:21   Price takes revenge!
Jeffrey Price / Shane Erisoty in car 209 came into the end of Witty Tom happy to report that they took revenge on the corner that caught them out last night.   Erik C.
10:18   Scott Broke Throttle Cable
Brian Scott must have been pushing too hard on the gas pedal because he broke his throttle cable causing his DNF.   Mike G.
10:15   Cowan/Dunham Stoked
The team was so excited they almost drove out of the control without their time cards!   Erik C.
10:12   Ray Piloto is looking forward to the after party
"All this dust is going to make the whiskey taste better!"   Erik C.
10:10   Lee and Irvin are gelling
Brent Lee in car #135 reports that he and new co-driver Billy Irvin are gelling well despite never having raced in the same car prior to last night.   Erik C.
10:08   Javier Olivares praises smooth roads
Javier Olivares described today's smooth stages "luxurious!"   Erik C.
10:05   Morris likes having all four wheels!
Bradley Morris in car #18 reports that Witty Tom is "much better with all four wheels!"   Erik C.
10:04   Chernis enjoying the morning stages
Douglas Chernis / Piers O'Hanlon in car #356 report they are having a smooth run this morning, keeping it tidy and doing better than the stages last night.   Erik C.
10:03   Benson bends a wheel
Car 312, Stephen Benson / Nicolas Renold bent a wheel near the start of Perkinsville and drove all 8 remaining miles of the stage on it before swapping it on a transit.   Erik C.
10:00   Millen having fun!
Ryan Millen, driver of car #99 a Toyota Rav 4 is currently leading 2wd and amazingly is 2nd overall. He finished Witty Tom saying, "I can't believe we get to do this! Not a bad day job!"   Erik C.
09:59   Ray Piloto missing bumper
It has been reported that car 124, Ray Piloto / Brock Palmer came into the finish of stage 5 with no rear bumper. There may be a story there.   Mike G.
09:56   Wages starts day 2
After not taking the starry yesterday afternoon due to mechanical issues with his Subaru, car #1 Eric Wages managed to get it running and set some respectable times this morning. He described the stages as "quick."   Erik C.
09:51   Smith is "Stupid Fast!"
Report from the end of Witty Ton this morning is that Duncan Smith is going "stupid fast" and taking lots of chances. He still has the overall lead, but he can't relax because Rick Song is gaining fast!   Erik C.
09:32   Brian Scott stopped on stage 5
car 5, Brian Scott / John Dillon have stopped on Perkinsville East (stage 5). They are working on the car and have displayed the OK sign.   Mike G.
08:41   Saturday Stages About to Start
The Saturday stages are about to start. Several of the cars who DNFed yesterday have restarted this morning. So we are expecting a good day of competition. The day is sunny and clear, with a little breeze at this point.   Mike G.
23:33   Car 935, Hao Yuan/Hongyu Pan forced to withdraw
Car 135 began to suffer oil pressure problems as the evening progressed. Although they finished the last stage, the oil pump had failed and they were unable to complete the transit back to the hotel.   Paula G.
20:25   Lee off road
car 135, Brent Lee / Billy Irvin are off the road on stage 4 just after the cut and are displaying the OK sign. UPDATE: the car was suffering engine problems forcing them to retire from the Friday night rally. They are working on the problems tonight and hope to restart tomorrow.   Mike G.
19:47   Song flying in the dust
car 95, Tingwu Song / Mustafa Samli had brake problems one the first two stages and fell back during the reseed. Now with their problems fixed they won stage 3, running more than a minute faster than the car in front of them and eating a lot of dust.   Mike G.
19:36   Kishkarev / Hakala withdraw
car 310, Dmitri Kishkarev / Alix Hakala have withdrawn due their problems with the car. They intend to work on it tonight and restart tomorrow.   Mike G.
19:26   Yua has engine die
car 935, Hao Yuan / Hongyu Pan finished stage 3 and then had the engine die. After a minute or two they were able to get it restarted and are continuing to stage 4.   Mike G.
18:59   Duan / Guan withdraw
car 86 Hong Bin Duan / Shan Guan will not be restarting after service. They hope to restart tomorrow.   Mike G.
18:45   Palermo's brakes fixed
During service, Chris Palermo's crew chief Aaron Laeng discovered his Nissan Sentra spit out a brake pad! That explains the loss of brake pedal on stage two. Luckily it's an easy fix and the team expects their brakes to be 100% for the last two stages tonight.   Erik C.
18:35   Hamilton cured electrical gremlins
Jason Hamilton in car 914 reports that the electrical fix they did before transiting to stage 1 has held together, and the first two stages have been smooth.   Erik C.
18:27   Driving lights are coming on
Teams are busy putting their driving lights on the front of their cars as the sun sets over service. The first cars are ready to pull out of service for the last two stages tonight now.   Erik C.
18:22   Palermo loses brakes!
Car 227, Chris Palermo / Andres Bautista lost the brakes in their Nissan Sentra SE-R on stage 2 just after the start.   Erik C.
18:20   Hurst shaking off the cobwebs
Car 82, Mike Hurst in his beautiful old Ford Capri says "the only thing rusty in the car is the driver!"   Erik C.
18:15   Piloto down on power
Car 124, Ray Piloto / Brock Palmer report that they lost boost at the third corner of stage 1 and have been down on power ever since. They hope it is an easy fix, like a popped off hose, that they can address in service.   Erik C.
18:14   409 Running Smooth
Aaron Ekinaka / Louie Minette in car 409 are having fun, running a smooth rally at the first service.   Erik C.
18:09   Brent Lee excited to be battled for NASA 2WD Champ
The 2wd "wildcard" pick for the National Championship, car 135, Brent Lee / Billy Irvin is really excited to be here and hopes to battle for that top spot.   Erik C.
18:07   DeMasi easing into the speeds out West
Car 11, Gary DeMasi / Marie Boyd are slowly picking up the pace while the driver gets used to the big exposures on stage 1, First View.   Erik C.
18:04   Kishkarev has ECU issues
Car 310, Dmitri Kishkarev / Alix Hakala had ECU issues on stage 1, but a reset cleared it and they ran a clean stage 2.   Erik C.
18:02   Morris makes it to service
Brad Morris, car 18, suffered a hit to the right front of their Mitsubishi Lancer on stage two, and two flats (but only one spare). They limped into service and will get to work on the car asap.   Erik C.
18:01   Scott leads 2WD!
Car 5, Brian Scott / John Dillon are leading the 2WD class in their Datsun 240Z. They lead car 99 Ryan Millen by half a minute after the first two stages.   Erik C.
17:59   Smith is flying!
After the first two stages, Car 971, Duncan Smith / Katherine Lindroth-Gendron are a the top of the leaderboard. They won both stages in their Subaru Impreza. Look for them to be reseeded forward in the pack after service.   Erik C.
17:56   Wilson taking it easy
Chuck Wilson in car 15 reports he is taking it easy on the first two stages and having a lot of fun.   Erik C.
17:53   Saarinens having fun
Marcus and Alicia Saarinen came into the first service with smiles on their faces and are having lots of fun on the smooth, fast stages.   Erik C.
17:51   Sun in everyone's eyes!
Multiple drivers are reporting visibility issues heading into the setting sun. Shouldn't be a problem after dark.   Erik C.
17:50   Morris gets flat on stage 2
Car 18, Bradley Morris / Douglas Nagy came into the finish of stage 2 with a flat tire and seized wheel. They're working on it to try to continue.   Erik C.
17:49   Song has brake problems
Car 95, Tingwu Song / Mustafa Samli reports that their brakes boiled over on stage 1 First View, which cost them some time. If you're familiar with the exposure on this stage you can imagine what a white knuckle ride it can be without brakes!   Erik C.
17:41   Price off road
It has been reported that car 209, Jeffrey Price / Shane Erisoty are off the road on stage 2. They are displaying the OK sign.   Mike G.
17:25   John Coyne has trouble
car 76, John Coyne / Ryan Scott pulled into the finish of stage 2 with a left front flat and a bent left rear spindle.   Mike G.
17:21   Bradley Morris has a flat
Bradley Morris pulled into the finish of stage 2 with a flat tire. Worse than that it has now been reported that the spare is rubbing on the brake caliper and won't turn.   Mike G.
16:54   Song loses time
Tingwu Song lost over a minute to Duncan Smith on the first stage. I'll bet there is a story there. Turns out that Song can only use his E brake.   Mike G.
16:41   Stage 1 is hot
Stage 1 started on schedule, so we will have the scores from the first cars soon.   Mike G.
16:11   Hamilton / Pond Fight Electrical Gremlins
Car 914, Jason Hamilton / Ralph Pond had some electrical issues to sort out in their Ford Mustang before leaving for the first stage. They replaced the battery and some wiring and are now on their way to stage 1. As a result they are now running as the last car on the road.   Erik C.
15:48   Wages fails to start
car 1, Eric Wages / Sarah Montplaisir were unable to leave the start at Lamb Nissan due to some sort of fuel delivery problem with their Subaru Impreza STi (the car kept dying). This must be terribly disappointing since they traveled all the way from South Carolina.   Mike G.
15:31   NNRC Title On the Line
The 2015 NASA National Rally Championship (NNRC) will be decided this weekend at the Prescott Rally. 7 of the top teams have qualified for the All Wheel Drive Class and 5 teams have qualified for the 2wd class. So we will be following the NNRC championship as well this weekend.   Mike G.
15:01   28 Cars Set to Start
28 cars started from Lamb Nissan and are en route to the start of "First View", the iconic first stage of the rally. The competition should be strong in all classes with several teams coming from the East coast and a couple of teams returning to rallying after a bit of a break. In Open class Tingwu Song will be challenged by Eric Wages, Josh Jacquot, Hao Yuan and Doug Chernis. The 2wd contingent will be contested by Ryan Millen, Brian Scott, Bradley Morris and Markus Saarinen. The weather is nice with the temperature in the low 80s and a nice breeze blowing, which will hopefully eliminate any problems with dust.   Mike G.
00:08   Live Text Overview
RallyData will be bringing you "Live Text" from the Prescott Rally (Fri - Oct 2 & Sat Oct 3) as the action unfolds. While similar to Twitter, Live Text can have more than 140 characters allowing a more detailed description of what's happening. So come back on Saturday and check out whats happening.   Mike G.