2014 Mt Hood Rally
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  Mike Shaw's Article
For a complete article about the event with photos and audio clips check out Mike Shaw's blog at http://openpaddock.net/2014/10/19/2014-mt-hood-rally-full-recap/   Mike G.
17:45   No DNF's! (despite Car 206's near miss)
All 16 cars that started, finished, and had a great time - a very rare rally! Matt Tabor's car wouldn't rev over 4,000 but he still got to the end, and Car 206, Dustin Embrey/Don Burress, went off the road on the last stage, losing two minutes. The splines on their steering wheel had been wearing and finally the car refused to steer. After their off, they were able to get back onto the road and by pressing hard on the steering wheel, get it to turn the car to get to the finish control. Then they found that their tire iron just fit the steering shaft as a substitute steering wheel - and got them to the final control in the service park!   Paula G.
17:38   Car 693's co-driver Josh takes the wheel!
On Stages 5 and 6, Carl Decker handed the wheel over to his co-driver Josh Jacquot (a talented rally driver himself - but who hasn't rallied in quite a few years). Josh had very respectable times! And how did Carl do reading the stage notes to Josh? "Better than I thought I would!"   Paula G.
17:38   Open Class won by Car 238
Third overall and winning Open Class, Matthew Binczewski/ Lincoln Welsh played good strategy and consolidated their podium finish.   Paula G.
17:33   Henderson/McDowell save the fastest for last!
Car 541 turned the fastest time of the day to win the 2014 Mt. Hood Rally overall, also winning Super Production. Second overall and in class, 1 minute 29 seconds behind, were Jeff Seehorn and Michael Milos, who showed steady improvement all day. Well done!   Paula G.
17:05   Data problems continue
We are relocating to be able to send the final two stages!   Paula G.
15:13   Other class leaders after four stages
Cars have returned to service after four stages, but soon will be tackling the last two runs. Other class leaders are: Car 271 Matt Tabor/Kathryn Hansen lead Production GT and are 6th overall, Car 222 Bruce Tabor/Tim Maple lead Production, and Car 500 Kevin Kardos/Billy Irvin lead Open Lite (five entries in that class) and are seventh overall.   Paula G.
15:09   Jared Bendt/Tim Tokstad speedy 2WD entry!
Car 503 has been moving quickly up through the pack even though they are just in a 2WD Honda CRX, and now are in fifth overall, leading Group 2.   Paula G.
14:59   "Organizers' Cup" is also a duel
What is the Organizers' Cup?? It's the competition between the two teams that are also helping organize the rally!! Currently Kristen and Janice Tabor lead Dylan Hooker/Jason Griffith by just one second!   Paula G.
14:55   Open Class duel
After four stages, Carl Decker leads Matthew Binczewski /Lincoln Welsh by just ONE second. Decker won the class for the first two stages, Matthew won the next two!   Paula G.
14:54   Stage 4 complete, Henderson dominating
After four stages, Dave Henderson continues to lead both overall and Super Production, with fellow SP driver Jeff Seehorn 1 minute 5 seconds behind.   Paula G.
14:49   Cars finish stage 3 and turnaround
The sun has come out, making the "turnaround" at the north end of stage Road 17 a pretty pleasant place to line up and bench race while waiting for the sweep cars to arrive!   Paula G.
14:27   Cars return to Service after seccond stage
No reseeding this time, just a 30 minute service.   Paula G.
13:31   #693 Decker / Jacquot a little off the pace
Decker's open class car technically should be faster than the SP entrants, but lack of recent seat time and memories of where he has gone off this road in the past resulted in a 3rd fastest stage time at the end of stage 1. Decker says he's out to have fun and most importantly not go off into the trees.   Mike S.
13:19   Car #56 Seehorn / Milos post great time
This is Seehorn's first year as a rally driver and is already showing great pace. With the help of his more veteran co-driver Michael Milos, they posted 2nd fastest time on Stage 1, 20 seconds behind Henderson.   Mike S.
13:08   Mt. Hood Stage 1 Complete
#541 Dave Henderson won the 1st stage and is driving a bit aggressive this morning and has the foilage on his grill to prove it. As a result of his time he has been moved to 1st on the road.   Mike S.
21:37   Slow Data Connection
While the teams were doing recce today Paula was out checking cell phone data connections and the news is not good. The best coverage she could find was very slow and would be a struggle just to do scores much less live text. For tomorrow she will try a bigger antenna (we all know bigger is better right) with the hope of getting a faster connection. So we will have to wait and see what tomorrow holds, but it is very possible that both scores and live text will be slow getting uploaded due to the internet connection.   Mike G.
21:31   Decker heads the field
The start order has been set for the first stage with Carl Decker and Josh Jacquot starting first on the road. Carl almost won this event in 2010, but a minute worth of road points pushed him down to 2nd only 4 seconds out of first. In 2011 Carl came back and won the event by 2 seconds after again taking a minute of road points. Carl's co-driver Josh Jacquot hasn't been in a rally car for a while so he may have a steep learning curve with the notes. No pressure Josh.   Mike G.
21:24   16 Teams for Road 17
A total of sixteen teams are ready to start the Mt Hood Rally tomorrow morning. This year's event will be using the popular Road 17 as a turn around stage. The out and back will be run three times for a total of 6 stages. The first stage is due to start at 11:18 AM.   Mike G.
  Live Text Overview
RallyData hopes to be bringing you "Live Text" from the Mt Hood Rally as the action unfolds during the rally. While similar to Twitter, Live Text can have more than 140 characters allowing a more detailed description of what's happening. At this point we don't know whether we will have a data connection from the service area, however if we do we will keep you up to date on what is happening.   Mike G.