2014 Idaho Rally
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16:19   2014 Idaho International Rally is now complete
46 cars and 9 UTV/ATV/Bike entries have completed this year's Idaho Rally - one of the highest finishing rates for any Pacific Rally Cup, CRS, or CIRC event! Smooth roads that are really fun to drive, gorgeous scenery, and great early summer weather make this event more popular every year - for good reason!   Mike G.
15:44   Carl Markum's UTV finishes 5th overall
Carl Markum achieved his goal of finishing fifth overall for the entire Idaho Rally - truly an impressive performance!   Mike G.
15:27   Derik Nelson wins Two Wheel Drive
Derik Nelson/Adam Newell's BMW M3 finished third overall and is the top 2WD car - not quite the win of last year - but a podium finish nevertheless - and against a large number of fast all-wheel drive cars!   Mike G.
15:17   Car 912 unable to start stage 6
The Porsche of Jason Lightner/Tim Brown will not start, so they did not start stage 6 at this point.   Mike G.
15:16   Car 225 off on stage 6
Anthony Peto and Dean Baker have gone off the road on stage 6 but their OK sign is out.   Mike G.
14:35   Car 72 retires
Roger Matthews and Alix Hakala have had to retire on stage 5 due to a broken axle.   Mike G.
14:21   Dave Henderson/Terry McDowell win!
Car 541 took advantage of Byron Garth's retirement to win the 2014 Idaho Rally overall. Congratulations!   Mike G.
11:40   Byron Garth/Jake Blattner DNF
After a stellar performance leading the rally throughout, Car 401 has had to withdraw. They blew their differential on stage 2 and were front wheel drive on stage 3. Their borrowed diff turned out to be the wrong one, so they have had to withdraw. Dave Henderson and Chris O'Driscoll now have the opportunity to win this event overall.   Paula G.
11:29   Car 559 off on stage 3-UPDATE
Car 559, Eric Genack/Lori O'Driscoll, are off to the side with the OK sign on stage 3. UPDATE: Their WRX wagon had a broken strut and after being towed off the stage they hoped to fix it in service. However, they discovered the brake lines were also damaged so had to retire.   Paula G.
11:26   Car 726 has tranny problems-UPDATE
The report is that Fast Eddie Fiorelli and Christine Marciniak will drive stage 3 slowly at the back of the pack since they are having tranny problems. Hopefully they can get things working at the service. UPDATE, they have had to withdraw.   Paula G.
11:09   News! Byron Garth has blown his rear diff
Byron Garth's crew reports that he has blown the rear diff of his Subaru and they are attempting to fix it in time to make their next out time after service.   Paula G.
11:05   Car 427 withdraws
Nate Foley and Joel Pacello have withdrawn from the event after finishing stage 3.   Paula G.
10:30   Byron Garth holds onto lead with pressure
As the cars come into the midday service in historic Placerville, Byron Garth has lost some of his lead as Dave Henderson and Chris O'Driscoll both beat him on stage 3 by 14 seconds and 8 seconds, respectively. However, Garth still leads the overall event by 15 seconds.   Paula G.
08:28   Car 466 reported off on stage 2-UPDATE
The Subaru WRX of Brian Gottlieb/Krista Skucas is off on stage 2 at mile 10.2. UPDATE: the team requested medical assistance. The official announcement is that the team is being airlifted to the local hospital but the situation is not life-threatening. The competitors are being gathered and will be starting stage 3 at any minute.   Paula G.
08:23   Several cars unable to start today
Several cars were not able to continue today: Car 144, AJ Johnson/Andrew Minor, unable to solve engine issues. Car 317, Kyle and Kevin Turner, unable to find a windshield? after their rollover yesterday. Car 284, Bryan Watson/Don Burress, lost their clutch on the way to Parc Expose - towed to Idaho City by a fellow competitor but unable to continue.   Paula G.
07:59   Brooks Freehill's Saturday river story
Brooks Freehill lost about 25 minutes on yesterday's stage 3 when he overcooked a tight left and went off into a swampy section next to the river. Friendly spectators eventually got the car back onto the road and he and co-driver Brian McGuire continued. The floorboards were full of water in the BMW and so was his helmet (thrown down) when he went to put it on.   Paula G.
07:37   Car 800 running without power steering
Danny Norkus reports that his Acura's power steering is leaking from a high pressure line and he has had to remove the belt and run without the power steering. Fortunately the open gravel roads aren't too tight except for the top and bottom of the Grimes Pass stage.   Paula G.
07:17   Easter/Andrews Subaru has all gears today!
David Easter is turning up the wick today with a great first stage time. Turns out he only had second and fourth gears yesterday but still finished tenth overall. Today the team is excited to have all six gears!   Paula G.
07:08   Car 168 chooses not to restart
Steve Egger and Shelby Martinez have decided not to restart today's event.   Paula G.
07:02   Mark Tabor tries 2wd
At the end of Saturday it became apparent that Mark Tabor's car (a Subaru STi) was not going to be able to run on Sunday, so dad (Bruce) offered Mark his car. So today Mark and Kathryn are running the Acura which will put him in CRS-2 for Sunday's event. Unfortunately he will not be classed as a finisher for the PRC event due to the change from AWD to 2WD.   Mike G.
07:01   Day 2 of the Idaho Rally starts!
49 cars and 9 UTV/ATV/Moto entries are on today's start list. The first stage, Centerville, is running and Byron Garth's Subaru won it with Dave Henderson 3 seconds slower and Chris O'Driscoll 8 seconds slower - those two are hoping to beat the leader today!   Paula G.
17:47   Those amazing "Ute's"!
Carl Marcum's RZR 1000 finished fifth overall today! And he did it without a co-driver reading him the notes!   Mike G.
17:46   Chris O'Driscoll's great track record
Chris O'Driscoll has finished in the top 5 at Idaho every year since 2010 and in the top 3 for the last 3 years! He finished third in today's regional with Rebecca Greek co-driving, followed in fourth place by last year's Idaho winner in the two-wheel drive BMW, Derik Nelson/Adam Newell.   Mike G.
17:34   Byron Garth wins day one of the Idaho Rally
Byron Garth and Jake Blattner carved out a steadily increasing lead during the day to win, although Dave Henderson/Terry McDowell tied them on the last stage. So we'll see what tomorrow brings!   Mike G.
17:31   Car 168 stopped on stage 6
It appears the BMW of Steve Egger/Shelby Martinez has stopped on stage 6 with mechanical difficulties and may not finish.   Mike G.
17:29   Car 284 has throttle linkage problems-UPDATE
Bryan Watson/Don Burress's Rabbit had part of the throttle linkage break, causing them a major delay mid-stage on stage 1 to repair it, before they continued. Unfortunately on stage 2 they had electrical problems that caused them to DNF the rest of the day's stages.   Mike G.
15:21   Car 317 did indeed roll - update
Reports from rallyists arriving in service are that a white Subaru is on its side on stage 5 - more details to follow. Update - it was the white Subaru of Kyle and Kevin Turner.   Mike G.
15:18   Cars are coming in for the final service today
One more stage remains, Harris Creek West, for the Saturday regional CRS and CIRC rallies and day one of the Idaho International Rally. Crews are arriving from the final loop of Alder Creek and Grimes Pass stages.   Mike G.
13:59   Rockrohr car 394 leads class
The Daniel Rockrohr/Eve Thomason Impreza 2.5 leads CRS Open Lite class and CIRC L4wd class after four stages.   Mike G.
13:56   Top UTV in fifth overall
Carl Marcum's RZR 1000 is in fifth overall, as far as stage times go!   Mike G.
13:55   Byron Garth holds the lead through stage 4
Byron Garth/Jake Blattner continue to lead the rally but only by 12 seconds over Dave Henderson/Terry McDowell in their Subaru, after stage 4.   Mike G.
13:48   Car 11 reported off on stage 4-UPDATE
Jason Bailey's Scion was spotted off on the side of the stage partway through stage 4. Turns out he nosed off over the edge but sweep was able to pull him back on the road undamaged. He plans to continue under Super Rally rules as soon as possible.   Mike G.
13:46   Car 144 out on transit between 2 and 3-UPDATE
The Audi 80 of AJ Johnson/Andrew Minor appears to have DNFd on the transit between 2 and 3. They blew the freeze plug out of the back of the head due to overheating issues. They'll try to restart tomorrow.   Mike G.
13:45   Car 302 out with electrical problems-UPDATE
The Robinson son/father team have been towed off of stage 3 with electrical problems. However, later update: they have chased the gremlins back into the box and continued to run stages 4 and 5!   Mike G.
11:41   Car 41 brake woes
Kris Psara's sti suffered major both rear brake calipers failure on stage 1. In service the team were able to borrow new calipers from the Tabor team and continue, although further down in the pack for the time being.   Paula G.
11:12   Car 284 has throttle linkage problems
Bryan Watson/Don Burress's Rabbit had part of the throttle linkage break, causing them a major delay mid-stage on stage 1 to repair it, before they continued.   Paula G.
10:10   Goodwin rolls, car 285
It has been reported that Mike Goodwin has rolled at the finish of Alder Creek.   Mike G.
09:40   Garth takes early lead
Byron Garth takes the early lead winning the first stage by 8 seconds over Dave Henderson. Last year's winner Derik Nelson and Chris O'Driscoll are tied for third on stage 1, 21 seconds behind Garth.   Mike G.
09:18   First Stage is Hot
52 cars and 9 UTV / ATVs are set to start today, so there should there should be lots of good competition. The first cars have started the first stage on time.   Mike G.
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RallyData will be bringing you "Live Text" from the 2014 Idaho Rally as the action unfolds during the event. While similar to Twitter, Live Text can have more than 140 characters allowing a more detailed description. So come back on Saturday, June 21 and check out what is happening. With 50 cars and 10 UTVs this year's event should have some great competition. The first car is expected to finish the first stage around 10:20 AM.   Mike G.