2013 Seed 9 Rally
Live Text
17:23   The Results are final
The results went provisional at 4:00PM and final at 4:30 PM.   Mike G.
13:59   Last 3 stages Canceled - Song wins
Stages 3, 4 and 5 have been canceled due to the heavy rain and the concern for getting the volunteers safely off the course.   Mike G.
13:58   Babbitz is back on the road
Sweep was able to get Jesse Babbitz back on the road and he is now continuing.   Mike G.
13:26   Babbitz stuck on berm
Jesse Babbit and John Dillon in a Subaru WRX have gone off the road just before the first road blockage. This is the same place Dave Hintz got stuck on stage 1. So even the 4wd cars are going off the road now.   Mike G.
13:21   Course is getting Trickier
The first couple of cars have now finished stage 2 and report that the course is getting even worse if that is possible. Both Song and Plsek were both roughly 1:30 slower on stage 2. Now the rain is getting heavier, so it will getting very tough for the 2wd cars.   Mike G.
12:30   Danny Norkus also stuck on berm
It has been reported that Danny Norkus and Alex Staidle in an Acura Integra also got stuck on a berm. Sweep was able to pull them of and they are moving again.   Mike G.
12:24   Song leads Plsek
Tingwu Song and Martin Brady lead the event after the first stage. George Plsek is second overall 19 sec back. Song reports that they also went off. They could see the ruts and there was nothing they could do. It was like a giant magnet pulled the car off the road. After stage 1, four wheel drive cars hold the top 7 spots, with Jason Lightner and Brent Elzey in a Porsche 911 holding the top 2WD spot (8th overall).   Mike G.
12:21   Sundelin also gets stuck on a berm
John Sundelin in Ford Focus has also gotten stuck on a berm. When sweep arrived they were able to get him back on the road and he is now continuing.   Mike G.
12:05   Brian Scott withdraws
Brian Scott has had to withdraw.   Mike G.
12:04   Hintz back on course
It has been reported that Dave Hintz is back on the course. and continuing to the finish.   Mike G.
11:57   Update Brian Scott is back on the road
Brian Scott has gotten back on the road and has made it to the short track area but is still having problems spinning donuts as he tries to complete the course.   Mike G.
11:49   Brian Scott off as Rain picks up
The rain has picked up making it rather nasty in the service area, we can only imagine what it's like out on the course. It has been reported that Brian Scott in a classic 240Z is also stuck on a berm. So we have yet to have a 2wd car finish the stage.   Mike G.
11:44   Dave Hintz stuck on berm
It has been reported that Dave Hintz in the BMW M4 is stuck on a berm before the first blockage. The 4wd drivers have found the course very slippery, so it sounds like it was even more tricky for the 2wd BMW.   Mike G.
10:45   Dave Hintz also training a co-driver
Dave Hintz will also be training a new co-driver, his step daughter Natalie Blake. Dave and Natalie are running Dave's BMW M3. It will be interesting to see how the two wheel drive BMW does in the muddy conditions they will see today.   Mike G.
10:42   McAllister entered twice
Todd McAllister will be running twice today. He is using the second entry to get some extra seat time and to train two new co-drivers (Malli Sheaffer & Dave Easter). So by the end of the event he will have his own personal pool of co-drivers. As a result of this Todd's first entry has been moved from his normal starting position upo to first on the road, so he will have time to run the stage and get into the second car to start at his normal location. To keep Tingwu Song from catching McAllister there will be a 7 min gap between those two cars. All the other cars will be running at a 2 minute spacing.   Mike G.
09:59   16 cars set to start
Recee has been completed and 16 cars are set to start. The first storm of the winter has dropped a lot of rain on the course during the last day and a half. As a result of the rain damage the course had to be shortened by about 4 miles.   Mike G.
  Live Text Overview
RallyData will be bringing you "Live Text" from the Seed 9 Rally as the action unfolds during the rally. While similar to Twitter, Live Text can have more than 140 characters allowing a more detailed description. So come back on Saturday Nov 23 to check out what is happening.   Mike G.